Greek Community-wide Clean-Up NEXT SUNDAY

Calling all volunteers! Our annual Greek Community Clean Up is on Sunday, November 20th from 9:30 am – 12:00 pm. Bundle up and join us to clean the streets of the Greek community (we’re serving hot chocolate too)!

Where to Meet: 17th Ave Median

When: Starts at 9:30 am, Hot Chocolate & Prize will be awarded at 12 pm once people return to the median!

Last year, about 50 people came out to clean with us; this year, we want to UP that number! Plus, who doesn’t want a little friendly competition? We’re looking to clean starting from 16th Ave NE to 21st Ave NE, and up to NE 50th St. In order to pick up trash, recyclables, and compost, there will be bags, gloves, and trash grabbers that will make cleaning up the community much more convenient for everyone.

While this is a Greek Community Clean Up, this is not only for Greek members! We’re inviting everyone around the area – you, your family, friends, pets, bring them all! That being said, houses in the Greek Community that bring the most members will earn a little prize, so spread the word and be sure to RSVP here!

See you all there!

Any Questions? Call/text Green Greek Director Talia Haller at 360.791.0449.

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