“Plant the Seed” Project Group

One of the projects in the Green Greek organization is the Plant the Seed group. Their long term goal is to institutionalize sustainability within the Greek Community. The current priority is connecting with the governing bodies of the UW Greek Community, the Interfraternity Council (IFC) and Panhellenic to establish a sustainability-focused position on their Executive Councils. Along with that, they want to encourage IFC and Panhellenic to mandate a Green or Sustainability position in every chapter. Xavar, one of the enigmatic members of the Plant the Seed group, explained that the current objective of the group is to contact the Executive Councils from each Fraternity and Sorority to petition for a Green Chair in each chapter. Xavar has already spoken to his own president about creating a Green chair and has been told that next year on the ballot, the position will be available to run for. The importance of a Green chair would be able to bring forth change from within the chapter and keep the conversation of sustainability relevant. However, a further advantage of a Green Chair would be saving money through resource efficient retroactive fittings. Over the past year, Greek chapters nationally have begun to implement Green chairs in their houses, which is the first step to truly becoming a Green Greek. So, lets Plant the Seed and bring forth an era of Green Greeks!

This Week: A visit from CEO of Sustainable Business Consulting Kevin Wilhelm

At our next meeting on November 15th, 2016, the Green Greek Representative Program has the privilege of hosting “one of the world’s pre-eminent business consultants and teachers in the field of sustainability,” Kevin Wilhelm. He will be coming to talk with us about how we as a community can go chase after our dream careers with sustainability in mind. Kevin Wilhelm has been very successful in writing multiple guide books on how to make different areas and aspects of your life more sustainable now and in the future. What’s more, Wilhelm will be giving us insight into his newest book Sustainability Jobs. This book has given people the necessary tools in how to go after their dream job in sustainability.

One of his key concepts is that as a community we need to make sustainability “stick,” a major concern especially within our Greek community. It’s important that we look at these changes not as a temporary solution, but as the beginning of a new lifestyle for our community. Wilhelm is coming to share these ideas and give us some major tips and hints as ways we can continue to make these positive sustainable changes in the Greek community.

Kevin Wilhelm has spoken to hundreds of audiences, many of which share a desire to make their communities more sustainable. We are beyond lucky to host Mr. Kevin Wilhelm and hear just a few ways in which we can enrich the sustainability within the Greek community.






Greek Community-wide Clean-Up NEXT SUNDAY

Calling all volunteers! Our annual Greek Community Clean Up is on Sunday, November 20th from 9:30 am – 12:00 pm. Bundle up and join us to clean the streets of the Greek community (we’re serving hot chocolate too)!

Where to Meet: 17th Ave Median

When: Starts at 9:30 am, Hot Chocolate & Prize will be awarded at 12 pm once people return to the median!

Last year, about 50 people came out to clean with us; this year, we want to UP that number! Plus, who doesn’t want a little friendly competition? We’re looking to clean starting from 16th Ave NE to 21st Ave NE, and up to NE 50th St. In order to pick up trash, recyclables, and compost, there will be bags, gloves, and trash grabbers that will make cleaning up the community much more convenient for everyone.

While this is a Greek Community Clean Up, this is not only for Greek members! We’re inviting everyone around the area – you, your family, friends, pets, bring them all! That being said, houses in the Greek Community that bring the most members will earn a little prize, so spread the word and be sure to RSVP here!

See you all there!

Any Questions? Call/text Green Greek Director Talia Haller at 360.791.0449.

The Start of a New Year

The University of Washington’s Green Greek Representative Program has HUGE plans for the ongoing 2016-2017 school year! To give you an inside scoop on what we have been up to so far, here is a spotlight on a couple of our committees within the Greek Green Reps team.

Our first spotlight group is Shining Solar. Project leader as well as director of Greek Green Reps, Talia Haller, has a plan to make the Greek Community a much more energy efficient and renewably-sourced area—as well as saving the community quite a lot of money (and therefore trees) in the process. Shinning Solar’s end goal is to eventually install solar panels to renewably-power chapter houses in the Greek Community. The group has investigated which houses are the most solar-panel-friendly, and is in the works of planning implementation and hopeful installation of this renewable energy source in the near future. In addition to being extremely forward thinking, Haller is a current member of the Sigma Kappa sorority and her spirit animal is a horse.

Our second spotlight group for this week is named Plant the Seed. Project leader Gavin Forster is a current junior in the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity. Forster’s spirit animal is a badger—the mascot of the widely know Hogwarts House, Hufflepuff. Once upon the early 2000s, one of Hufflepuff’s most shinning members, Cedric Diggory, was selected to represent Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the Triwizard Tournament. Much like Diggory, Planting the Seed is looking for chapter specific representation in the green-greek community.

The group’s project is to implement sustainability chairs, widely known as Green Teams or Green Chairs, in each chapter on campus. By implementing chapter specific chairs, Plant the Seed aims to have Green Reps and these chairs to work hand in hand to solidify change for a more sustainable future in our community. Gavin hopes to one day “plant the seed” all around campus, and have green chairs representing broad reaching campus positions such as IFC and Panhellenic.

These are just two of our countless projects and goals we are determined to achieve in hopes of bettering the greater UW community. Check back in soon for an update on our process, and if interested in becoming a Green Greek Representative, visit our homepage at http://students.washington.edu/ecoreps/greengreek/. It is our hope to spark and challenge the greater UW community—and eventually THE WORLD! —towards a much brighter, more sustainable future.