Hi, we are RETRO9INE. The team behind Retro Metro.

Alan Xu

Developer + Level Designer

Cynthia Sanchez

Designer + Project Manager

Yuyu Dai

Sound + Video


This is Retro Metro.

Swing through the city, in Retro Metro: a 2D platformer. Swing your way to each metro station in this Retro Futuristic city in order to reach your destination as a Robot on the run.


Keep up with our development log.

Wednesday 05/01/19

Created base project with opening scene
Created Tilemap
Imported tiles directly from Unity Github
Generated grid, painted auto-formatting level using tile palette

To do next:
Create Character
Jump/Double jump?

Monday 05/06/19

Created scene for level 1.
Created player character w/ single jump mechanic.
Reformatted base tile layers to reflect background/eventual level design.
Created initial Grapple hook script, need to find a way to separate anchor and connected anchor.

Wednesday 05/08/19

Raycasting with grapple script. Imported background, still need to figure out how to layer background in front of tiles and game objects but behind the character.

Saturday 05/11/19

Complete remap of tilemap, aligned the sprites with the background as best as I could, but more resizing will be necessary later on.

Monday 05/13/19

Added second level background.
Reverted back to original character controls while grapple is in progress.
Added object trigger that transitions into second level.
Added third level.
Level tiling for 2nd and 3rd in progress.
Double jump vs. wall jump?
Constructing starting screen

To Do:
Start adding sound effects
Music track by the 16th
Splash screen w/logo by 16th
Game Over scene by 16th

Tuesday 05/14/19

Completed Grapple script!
Finalized Splash screen
Trying to implement cursor

Wednesday 05/15/19

Scrapped level 3 & 2 template
Built level 2 demo
Built level 3 demo
Created a basic 3 button menu with background (will replace buttons at a later date)
Need to incorporate separate assets for metro stations
Added background audio
For demo purposes, the metro station in level

Wednesday 05/22/19

Instructions: WASD for movement, space for jump, left click to fire grapple, right click to release.
Fixed menu layout, working on option (volume slider) control
Remade level 1 (tutorial level)
Created instant respawn function upon player falling out of level bounds (prefab)
Created Tutorial screen before first level
Added sound effects for grapple across all levels
Added in a walking animation across all levels
Separated metro station level trigger from background in level 1
Built final alpha playtest (music, 3 levels, menu, sound effects, walking anim)

Thursday 05/30/19

Working on cursor to attach to mouse
Updated menu, created Touchable.cs script to use transparent butttons
Updated tutorial screen
Changed grapple controls

Monday 06/03/19
Adjusted all levels to include colored hint blocks
Changed main menu screen to reflect new buttons
Added a game over screen (buttons lead to main menu or credits)
Added a credits screen
Modified MainMenu script
New Tutorial screen
Completed user flow from beginning to end
Monday 05/06/19

Researched 2D platformer games.
Looked up existing Retro Future games.
Came up with game concept.
Finished opening screen. Created website.

To do next:
Finish game backgrounds for multiple levels.
Create assets + textures, create tilemap.
Find a character or make a character.

Wednesday 05/08/19

Finished Level 1 background and layout.
Chose a character. Started tilemap.
Created assets.

To do next:
Finish Level 2 + 3 backgrounds.
Finish tilemaps.
Upload assets to Unity/Google Drive.

Friday 05/10/19

Finished Level 2 + 3 backgrounds using assets made.
Changed gradient direction on backgrounds.

To do next:
Create tiles.
Research how to animate backgrounds in Unity.
Design level 2 + 3 layout for platforms.

Monday 05/13/19

Created logo for splash screen.

To do next:
Create game over screen.

Tuesday 05/14/19

Uploaded updated game backgrounds
Uploaded metro station pngs to drive
Tested animating backgrounds using Photoshop and GIFS.

To Do Next:
Create menu design
Finish game over screen
Possibly design instructions screen?

Wednesday 05/22/19

Reformatted opening menu
Changed button font
Uploaded new backgrounds for levels
Created end screen in Unity

Tuesday 05/28/19

Reviewed over peer feedback form and typed up Alpha Playtest report
Updated website

To Do Next:
Implement feedback from Alpha playtest feedback

Monday 06/03/19

Typed up Beta Playtest report
Updated website
Created Google Slides presention design and layout

Wednesday 05/01/19

Researched 2D Platformer games. Helped create paper prototype for Tuesday 5/7/19.
To do next: Work with Alan to plan out level design, give Cynthia level design layout.

Monday 05/13/19

Found 10 possible music options
Uploaded them to drive
Implemented song into Unity

To Do Next: Figure out level design to make each level more difficult.

Wednesday 05/22/19

Implemented music in Unity
Worked on level design
Found sound effects

Monday 6/03/19

Screenrecorded game play
Started trailer

Wednesday 6/05/19

Finished trailer

Playtest Reports

Alpha Playtest

In a playtest of 20 college students, players reported they enjoyed the overall game feel, commenting on the art style and grapple mechanic. Some suggestions for the design of the game was to further iterate on the level design to make game play better. Specifically, the spacing between the platforms where players swing and jump on. Players suggested we highlight key blocks to give direction to the player. As for the grapple itself, players suggested that the controls should be simplified to one click. The character’s momentum and interaction with surfaces also need to be adjusted in order to feel more natural.

Beta Playtest

In a playtest of 23 college students, players reported they enjoyed the art style and the overall concept of the game. Users reported the grapple mechanic had improved since the Alpha playtest, making for easier gameplay. The momentum was better, making it less awkward to swing from place to place. Users were still concerned about the level design, as they felt there were some areas that were empty, or not being used. Some suggestions we got were have a time constraint or collectables to improve the over game feel.

Final Playtest

In a playtest of 20 people, ranging from 10 years old to young adults, players reported they enjoyed the aesthetics and the grapple in our game. Player's wished there were more levels, which is something our team would like to implement if we continued working on this game. Players reported it was challenging, but fun. The level design improved, which made our overall game play better. We were able to refine with grapple mechanic and added in a sound effect when players move on to the next level.