What is CSA?

The Chinese Student Association (CSA) is a Registered Student Organization (RSO) made up of University of Washington students, and dedicated towards improving cultural awareness on the campus as well as providing support for those who come from a common background. Our purpose is “to promote better understanding and identification with the Chinese (Chinese-American) culture and heritage. It is our passion to act as a uniting force for all students and serve as a catalyst for positive action across all cultural groups.”

What does CSA do?

To accomplish such goals, we organize events for the students and faculty at the University of Washington and local communities. Our annual Lunar New Year show, for example, draws the attention of hundreds of people each year with a mix of student and professional cultural performances. CSA also organizes adventurous excursions and various other Asian cultural events throughout the year.

Aside from cultural events, the Chinese Student Association also organizes and participates in fun social events for our fellow members and students. Our annual spring semi-formal dance is one of the largest on campus – last year’s attendance numbered over 400 people! We also organize an annual weekend trip filled with skiing and snowboarding on the great mountains of Canada! Food events, performances, dances, Chinatown excursions, and clubbing are just some of the ongoing events that go on throughout the year!

Who can join CSA?

The Chinese Student Association not just caters to Chinese students at the University of Washington. We’re dedicated towards getting students involved with and adjusting to campus life as well as providing an easy-going environment for students to meet each other and make friends. Since CSA is also involved with other cultural groups, being part of our club gets you in touch with other organizations such as TSA, JSA, HKSA, KSA, CSSA, TOSA, VSA, ThaiSA and numerous other clubs.

CSA is a Chinese cultural club which promotes understanding and diversity among not only Chinese but people of all walks of life and backgrounds. You don’t have to be Chinese to be a member of CSA — we’re a cultural awareness club, not a racially defined club. Being a member of CSA helps us promote cultural diversity on campus as well as gives you a chance to meet other students with similar interests and, in some cases, background.

Interested? Join us!