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Hi everyone! We have made another social media account on Instagram to get you guys on track with CSA throughout the school year!

Follow “csauw” as we will be updating on all upcoming events of 2014-15!

CSA’s T-shirt / Membership Card Design Contest

CSA Membership Card

CSA Membership Card

Hello CSA members! Do you want to be able to put your design skills to the test? Want to be able to be a part of designing Chinese Student Association’s merchandise? Well, this summer from now until July 24, CSA has a T-shirt/Membership Card Design Contest where you not only have your design represent CSA, but also get a FREE membership card, T-shirt and a pair of movie tickets OR our upcoming fall quarter club night!

To learn more about the specifications needed for the contest, please go to the Event Page

For questions regarding the contest itself, you can post a comment on the Official Facebook Event and our awesome officers will get back to you as soon as we can :D

Have a great summer and may the odds be in your favor!

Welcome back! Bubble Tea, Contests, and More!

Bubble Tea Night Poster

We hope you all had a wonderful Spring Break! Tired of school already though? Just throw back and relax by coming to Mee Sum tomorrow for some Bubble Tea! We are going to have some awesome games and prizes! It’s never too late to meet new people or just relax and enjoy the fresh new quarter! If you can find more information about the event here. Also make sure to attend the Facebook event so all your friends know!

We also wanted to give a shout-out about a voting contest CSA is trying to win hosted by Identity Seattle Apartments. You can vote for your favorite organization (*cough* Chinese Student Association *cough*) on Identity Seattle’s Facebook Page . If we win, our organization can win up to $1000 in funding which of course all goes back to the members! With this money we can buy even more prizes or reserve even better venues for you guys. We highly encourage everyone to vote!

We hope to see you all at Bubble Tea Night! Don’t forget to vote!

Photo Updates, Sports Day, and Officer Recruitment!

Lion Dance

We just wanted to give a huge update regarding photos. We sincerely apologize for the long wait but for those of you who keep up with our website, please know we post ALL of our photos on Facebook! You can find photos for not only the Lunar New Year Gala, but also Club Night here!

We also wanted to thank everyone who came out to Sports Day today. We apologize for those of you who may have missed this event because it was not posted on our website — all of our officers are UW students as well and sometimes we can slip up. Like we said, we are really sorry about this and we will definitely let you know about the next one :) If you have not already, remember you can join our Facebook group to get immediate updates about our events!

CSA Family :D

We would also like to let you guys know that we are recruiting new officers for the Spring quarter! You can find more details here! Every year we have two recruitment cycles — one in the Fall and one in the Spring. The reason we do this is to allow those of you who did not know what CSA was all about another opportunity to apply! If you are in the least bit interested, please simply fill out the survey!

We hope you are all doing well! Finals will be coming up and this concludes all the events we have for Winter Quarter. Stay tuned for Spring though because we have TONS of events you all won’t want to miss. See you soon and 加油 on Finals!