UW Chess Club

The UW Chess Club serves as a way for people interested in chess to meet together and play the game. The UW Chess Club is free to join, and welcomes people of any skill level. There are many players with a variety of experience, allowing for both competition and learning.

To join the club, contact UW Chess Club President Odin Atkinson (odina@uw.edu) or attend one of our meetings at the time and location mentioned at the bottom of the page.

For complete and thorough updates on meeting time changes, location changes, upcoming events and happenings, please join our Facebook Group! You will need a UW emailing address to join the group.

Meetings are held on Wednesdays from 5:30-7:30 in Mechanical Engineering Building 237 (Fall 2015).

For important announcements concerning the Club and its events, please join the emailing list.

If you have any feedback for the Chess Club

Submit your request here.

UW Chess Club President: Odin Atkinson
Contact Odin: odina@uw.edu
Last updated October 4th, 2014