• Yu C and Hoff PD(2017). “Adaptive multigroup confidence intervals with constant coverage”. Biometrika (to appear), arXiv:1612.08287

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Papers in preparation

  • Yu C Drton M (2018+). “Dynamic structure learning with Bow-free Acyclic Path Diagrams”. In preparation.

  • Yu C Drton M (2018+). “Structure Learning for Phylogenetic Tree with Quantitative Characters”. In preparation.


  • 2017 Biostatistics Department Retreat, Seattle, WA

    • Dynamic structure learning with Bow-free Acyclic Path Diagrams

  • 2017 Joint Statistical Meetings (JSM), Baltimore, MD

    • Adaptive multigroup confidence intervals with constant coverage

  • 2015 Biostatistics Department Retreat, Semiahmoo, WA

    • Exact empirical Bayes confidence intervals

Research Assistant

  • Strong Heart Project, (2014 to 2017)

    • Supervisor: Rozenn Lemaitre, Barbara McKnight

    • Location: CHRU

  • TOPMed Program, (2017 to present)

    • Supervisor: Ken Rice

    • Location: Genetic Analysis Center, University of Washington