Me and My personal Home page:

My name is Casey Earl and I Play video Games While being an awesome ginger. Here is a picture of me when I look my best in a ferris wheel:


Here are some work I have done in the excellent BCUSP110B class I am taking:

My value:

This was what I wrote about what I value during first week of class.

In Summary:

UWB has been a blast! BCUSP110B Rocks! Just about all of my projects can be reset by clicking in the window with the mouse, some interact without a click and require the mouse hovering over certain parts of the window!


Mouse Robot Homework 6:

UW Logo Homework 6:

Chugging Robot Homework 8:

Owl Homework 9:

Disco Balls Homework 9A:

Hide and Seek Owls Exercise 7:

Epileptic Hide and Seek Owls Homework 10:

Imperial Fleet Homework 11 Part 1 (exercise 8) (click to reset):

Imperial Pursuite Homework 11 Part 2 (exercise 8) (move mouse over the rebel ship to capture and click to reset):

X-Wing Piloting Part 3 (exercise 8) (WASD are the key controls and Space Bar fires lasers):

Brick Breaker (Mouse moves the paddle):

Moving Circle of Awesomeness:

Moving Grid: