Simplistic Dice
The No-Frills Dice Simulator
If you had a choice between two real dice and two virtual dice, which would you choose? Yeah, me too. But in case you’re without real ones, this little app will make due. Choose between one or two six-sided dice.
Below you’ll find the list of programs. Click on the screenshots to download.
Aquarist 1.0.1
The Fish-Keeper’s Friend
Ever wondered how your (hopefully) weekly water changes are affecting your tank’s health? Or have you had the need to mix your own fertilizers?
This app is geared toward the intermediate fish-keeper with a heavily planted tank.
Caveman’s Calc
The Poor-Man’s Calculator
So you can’t afford a fancy graphing calculator. Or even a simple addition/subtraction/multiplication/division calculator. But you do have a Mac running Tiger. How fortunate.
Caveman’s Calc is a digital slide rule - a digital analog calculator if you will. Like the real thing, the interface couldn’t be simpler: just slide the middle portion left or right, allowing you to multiply, divide, take square roots, logarithms, inverses, and a couple of other surprises. A short introduction to using slide rules is included in the help file.