I am currently pursuing a PhD in biological oceanography with a graduate certificate in astrobiology.  My research focuses on the microbiology of Earth’s cryosphere, the frozen portions of Earth’s atmospheric, terrestrial, and water environments.

In addition to understanding the distribution and implications of microbial life in Earth’s cryosphere, I am interested in how different components of the cryosphere can serve as analogues for frozen environments elsewhere in the universe.

Pending the (hopeful) defense of my dissertation on August 11 I’ve accepted a postdoctoral fellowship at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University, where I will work with Hugh Ducklow.  At Lamont I’ll maintain my focus on high-latitude marine systems, combining measures of microbial activity with analyses of microbial genetics to improve our understanding of the role marine microbes play in the ecology of the Southern Ocean.

Deming Lab (Deming Ecosystem) website

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Contact Info:
bowmanjs @ uw.edu

UW School of Oceanography
Box 357940
Seattle, WA 98105-7940

Marine Sciences Bldg
1501 NE Boat Street
Rm 362

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