Coaches 2017 - 2018

Our coaching team is made of both UW students and alumni, and they are available for training, questions, or just playing for fun during club hours.

Colin Chang

 Badminton player for 8 years
 Second year of coaching for HBC

I'm an alumnus from the UW, where I graduated with a degree in Business. Joining the Husky Badminton Club in my Freshman year was my introduction to badminton as a sport beyond what is generally misconstrued as a backyard sport. Since then, I've cycled through being a competitive player, an officer, and lastly as a coach- making some lifelong friends in the community along the way. I hope to provide that same opportunity to the new members. No matter your reason for joining or your skill level, don't hesitate to reach out to me to talk or play!

Samson Wong

 Badminton player for 11 years
 Second year of coaching for HBC

I was born and raised in San Jose, California. Growing up, I liked playing all sorts of games and sports which has helped me have a better insight into the different sorts of strategies and tactics that come up in badminton. The great thing about badminton is that it's such a dynamic and subtle sport that looks simple to play, but is actually filled with a combination of deception, mind games, tactics, strategy, power, flexibility, speed, and stamina. Besides badminton, I enjoy playing board games, eating, traveling, and watching movies/tv series. I also love learning about computers and developing software.

Vu Vo

 Badminton player for 8 years
 Second year of coaching for HBC

Hello everyone! My name is Vu. I'm a UW alumnus. I love food, travel and of course badminton (who doesn't, right? :P). I've been playing badminton for many many years but didn't start to be trained till 3 or 4 years ago. This is going to be my second year of coaching for the club. I'm excited about it and look forward to meeting all of you and showing you what I've learned about badminton :D

Jonathan Tsai

 Badminton player for 5+ years
 Second year of coaching for HBC

"One cannot be touched without being touched. - Newton's 3rd Law"

Sam Alcoba

 Badminton player for 7 years
 First year of coaching for HBC

Hello! I'm Sam, and I graduated in the class of 2014 with a Bachelor's in Chemical Engineering. Currently, I work in cancer drug development at Seattle Genetics. I first played badminton my freshman year in college. My two good friends I lived with that year were both very high level badminton players and professional coaches at Seattle Badminton Club--naturally, they got me started. I loved it, so I immediately joined Husky Badminton Club as a freshman in 2010 and have been a regular ever since. I love playing with people of any skill level, old friends and new friends. In coaching, I aim to help new and experienced players alike refine good habits, as I was taught when I first started. Lastly, I hope to encourage first-time players in college with my own experience--that it's never too late to pick up badminton.