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We are a group of University of Washington students devoted to the sport of badminton. This club is an effort to support and foster the large community of badminton players not only at UW, but the Greater Seattle area. We have undergraduate and graduate students from various majors, as well as some active alumni. We welcome players of all skill levels seeking to either improve their game, play competitive matches, or to just have FUN! We are also committed to create strong, lasting relations with other badminton clubs and schools in the country.


Our club meets 3 times a week. You're welcome to come as often as you like, and stay however long you want!

Mondays 7-10 PM
Thursdays 7-10 PM
Saturdays 2-5 PM

We meet in Gym B at the UW Intramural Activities Building. On weekdays, we have four courts. On weekends, we have eight courts.

If you have IMA membership, you can still play badminton at the IMA on your own time whenever you want, even if we are not holding club practices! For info on IMA guidelines, access eligibility, and hours, visit the IMA website. Our Discord is a great way to find other people to play with!

See the UW IMA on Google Maps




  • Become a part of a welcoming community of badminton players and make new friends
  • Great opportunity to improve your skills or just have fun, no matter your skill level
  • Courts are reserved exclusively for club members during club hours
  • Tournament-grade, feather birds are provided for club members for all games
  • Participate in fun social events and club competitions



  1. Come to one of our club sessions and speak to one of our club officers!
  2. Complete our Club Membership form. Access to form will only be provided at club sessions.
  3. Pay club membership fees, either for the quarter or for the year.


  • Membership fees are $35 per academic quarter, or $90 for the entire academic year (if you join in Fall Quarter).
  • Membership fees cover the costs for new, complimentary birds and social events.
  • Yearly membership benefits includes a free end-of-year club T-shirt and discounted entry to the Husky Open!
  • We accept Venmo, Paypal, cash, and check. Membership is not valid until club fees are collected.


Q: I'm still not quite sure about joining. Can I try out the club before I officially join?

A: Yes! We usually allow newcomers to play once or twice for free before they decide to join our club membership. Come say hi at one of our club sessions and check us out; we are always open and welcome!

Q: I don't know anybody. Will I have people to play with?

A: Yes! During club, we have a rotation board where people sign up for open groups waiting in queue. It's a great way to meet new people!

Q: I want to come play at club, but I don't want to commit to an entire quarter. Can I pay for just one club session?

A: Yes! If you are not a member and want to stop by for just a day, our drop-in fee is $5.

Q: I'm a UW student at Bothell/Tacoma. Can I still come to club?

A: Yes, but you will have to separately purchase your own IMA membership. See IMA website for more details.

Q: I'm not a UW student or staff. Can I still come to club?

A: Yes, but you will have to find a UW student to help you purchase a Plus One membership. See IMA website for more details.

Q: I don't have my own racket or birds, can I still come to club?

A: Yes! The IMA has rackets you can borrow, and the club provides birds to play with. IMA rackets are first come, first serve.


Got a question? Shoot us an email or message!

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