Summer in Seattle? Help us Out

Hey guys,

Hope you guys are having a wonderful time after finals and congrats to all those graduating this year. If you are sticking around over the summer in Seattle, come out and help us set us the biodiesel lab space. We are currently in the final stages in talks with the UW transport services and getting signatures. After that, we will utilize our redesigned plans to set the foundation, get the container/equipment ordered, and set up the lab space.
If any of this sounds interesting to you, please contact Nick Ivarson at

Have a great summer,

Brandon & Alexa

Welcome back to classes! Gotta admit, spring on UW campus is my favorite time of year.

Just wanted to let everyone know that we are working with Facilities and Fleet Services to install our laboratory this June. So I promise, it will happen. Far too much red tape, but we’re getting there!

Even though we don’t have an official lab space yet, we have still had groups of people working on projects. A few prominent examples would be soap making, procedure analysis, and Engineering Discovery Days. Yes, we will have a booth up during Engineering Discovery Days, April 24th and 25th and we might need some volunteers for that. Keep your eyes open for any emails regarding Discovery Days if you’re interested in volunteering your time.

Also, we are working on getting a time set up for a general meeting. As soon as I know when/where I will post it!

– Alexa & Brandon

BBQs, Schematics and Servers, oh my!

March has started and we still haven’t had the BBQ, but I promise it will be on the way. We were hoping to get everything squared away regarding the lab first, however, we have run into a little hiccup.

It seems we need an officially drawn architecture schematic of the lab space before we can get final approvals. To that end, we have offered a small scholarship for $500 to the UW student who produces one that best fits our needs. If you’re interested, please email and we’ll get you the details.

Also, we are working with UW-IT to move our website to new servers by the end of the month. You may notice some intermittent page load errors while we work on this. Rest assured, we are aware of the issues and are working on them. These things just always seems to take longer than you plan for, especially since we still have classes to study for!

Alright guys! We’re on the Winter quarter homestretch. Focus on your finals, complete them projects and we’ll see you next month! :)

-Alexa & Brandon

Biofuel Panel

Last week we sponsored a Biofuel Panel and Discussion. We invited Michael Lakeman, from Boeing, Kevin Kuper, from Sequential Pacific, and Renata Bura, a professor here at UW, to talk about their projects and where they see biofuels going.

Michael Lakeman let us know how Boeing is encouraging the use of drop-in biofuels. While they are not an airline, since they do supply a large portion of the airplanes in use to airlines, they see research in biofuels as a necessary long term goal.

Kevin Kuper spoke about how Sequential Pacific limits their reactor feeds to used cooking oil in order to maintain their commitment to the environment. He discussed the effects the economic downturn had on the biofuel industry and what effects possible laws that might be forthcoming could have in the future.

Professor Renata Bura explained her research on converting lignocellulosic biomass into biofuel. Lignocellulosic refers to dry plant matter of any kind. Her research focuses on processing corn stover and aspen trees to make biofuels. She highlighted the three current commercial plants in the United States that use corn stover to create ethanol.

We appreciated all of our speakers for taking the time to talk about their projects and answer questions. Also, thank you to all who could come and participate. :)

– Alexa & Brandon

February Updates Hooray :)

Hello everyone!

Hope the midterms are going great! We at the BC have been busy. Like Sean mentioned in the email, the other officers and are very close to finally ordering our laboratory, the reactor and equipment. Therefore, we are gonna celebrate with the welcome back BBQ at a later date.

Remember the BC will be hosting a small panel of industry reps and experts in the field of biofuels.

This will happen next week on

Wednesday, Feb 11th @ 5:30 in Anderson 223

We’ll provide refreshments at the end, and it’s open to everyone, so feel free to invite friends! The flyer is attached

Other news to forward to include:

February ??, 2015 – Welcome Back BBQ – a BBQ for all members plus an adviser to hang out, network, and above all have a good time after a long winter break. Alcohol is an optional beverage for the event, but those of you under 21 can have soda instead.

April 2, 2015 – Environmental Innovation Challenge Event — an all-day event for members dressed in Business Professional attire who will run a business model booth and talk to onlookers/judges about the impact that biodiesel can have on our UW community. Great experience for the industry focused individual

April 24-25, 2015 — Engineering Discovery Days – an 8 hour volunteer event with 1 hour shifts to get the kids all over UW excited about the field of engineering and the intrigue of biodiesel. We need SAFE interactive items for kids to play with while we explain what biodiesel is with the help of our cool looking model.

Every Month – Clean Tech Alliance – a business casual/ professional meet and greet for investors and small sustainable business to share knowledge and endorsements. We will send representatives for one of the meetings to be tentatively scheduled at a later date.

Keep emailing us about getting involved. We are open to your input and love getting new people more involved.
So let us know if you’d like to do something.

I’ll let you know of any updates!

-Brandon and Alexa