Beyond HB 1079

Workshop Proposals

Overview: The Beyond HB 1079 conference committee is seeking proposals for workshop presentations for our 2018 educational conference held Saturday March 3th, 2018 at Yakima Valley College. The conference committee is seeking proposals along the themes of policy and legislation awareness, resource services, and student empowerment.  Workshops must be relevant to our audience: students, families and educators.

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In depth:


Each of the sessions should fall under one of our conference themes. The themes are:
• Awareness / Rights / Advocacy
• Access to Higher Education & Resources
• Empowering / Mentorship

Session Formats

• Presentations/Panels: to inform about issues and resources, build dialogue and share knowledge
• Workshops: to build skill-sets, connect allies
• Research sessions: present current work being done in areas that support undocumented students/families

Session Topics

We are looking for passionate and energetic students, college/high school staff, and community members who are interested in holding a session. Session areas may include, but are not limited to the following:
• Self-reflection/identity
• Practical resources for overcoming obstacles
• Building allies across communities
• Tools/strategies for developing a community
• Tools/strategies for running a successful and inclusive student organization
• Cross-cultural and/or cross-ideological communication
• Tools/strategies for creating and/or maintaining inclusive spaces
• Professional leadership training/cultivation

Proposed workshops should
• Be innovative
• Be informed by theory, research and application
• Feature presenters with expertise in the topic area
• Aim to inform/address a social justice issue or develop skill-sets
• Stimulate and provoke discussion
• Encourage critical thinking and self-reflection

Submission Criteria
Criteria for selection of paper/presentation: Proposals will be evaluated based on relevance to current issues, appeal to conference participants, creativity, ingenuity, and applicability for participants after the conference. We are seeking a wide range of presentation topics relating to the areas listed above.

Eligibility for submission

Students, College/high school Staff, and Community members are invited to submit proposals. We encourage novices and experienced presenters alike. Proposals should include:
• Presentation title
• Learning objectives
• Desired format (panel, presentation of research, workshops, and difficult dialogues.)
• Intended Audience (high school students, parents, educators/counselors, community members, all) Titles do not need to incorporate the conference theme. Please include a brief abstract describing your presentation and the desired learning objectives. Abstracts will be included in the conference program and on the conference website. Please limit abstracts to 125 words.

All sessions will be approximately 1-hour long. Presenters/facilitators should expect audiences of 30-40 people per workshop/presentation. Format options for conference sessions include:
• Panel discussions
• Presentations of research
• Presentations to bring awareness about a current issue
• Workshops
• Facilitated Difficult Dialogue Discussions

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