Beyond HB 1079


The  Beyond 1079 Conference is a student-run project. The agenda includes interactive workshops, panels, group discussions, and motivational speakers.  Our goals are to bridge the gap of communication between high school students and high school educators, to provide policy awareness, and to share resources.

Every year the conference changes location. Our goal is to provide resources and support for undocumented communities across Washington State. We partner with higher education institutions as well as community organizations to maximize resources.

This year’s conference will be held at University of Washington in Seattle, Washington.


the Samuel E. Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center

University of Washington 

The 5th Annual Beyond HB 1079 Conference is now open! 


If you would like to stay connected and learn about future events, please email us at

For more information please email or call:

Yuriana Garcia-Tellez || 509-855-6836