Current projects and collaborations

Stable gradient learning in continuous games

saddle Machine learning models with competing losses are notoriously challenging to train, e.g. zero-sum generative adversarial networks (GANs) or non-zero-sum reinforcement learning (RL) agents. We analyze and design learning algorithms used in these settings.

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Human/machine sensorimotor games

bpm In tasks involving adaptive algorithms and continuously-learning humans, rich dynamic behaviors can prevent the system from reaching consensus.

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Optimization interface for human autonomy

drone The aggressive dynamics of high-performance quadcopters demand agents to constantly be aware of the feedforward (planning) and feedback (reaction) policies of others.

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Past projects

Snapshot of my projects before graduate school

Autonomous underwater vehicle (2016)

auv Underwater vehicle with acoustic receivers used to track leopard sharks.

Hybrid rocket motor (2015)

hybrid A rocket motor powered by acrylic and nitrous oxide.

Vibrational modes of a rocket in supersonic flight (2014)

vibrations Experiments with an amateur rocket to model its structural vibration.


Cistern mapping with ROVs (2013)

cistern Remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) for scanning underwater cisterns.