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Bone Marrow Registration
(Cheek Swabs)

November 26 at 12:30pm until November 30 at 3:30pm

Recent Updates

  • Oct 22: Just a friendly reminder that the final date to complete applications for the exec board is tomorrow at 3:00 pm. If you're interested, email responses to the questions below to bandhan@uw.edu and/or any questions and concerns you may have. We look forward to finalizing our board and getting events for the year started! Thank you for your support and we look forward to reading applications tomorrow! Have a great week!

  • Oct 16: We're pleased to announce the completion of our registration as an RSO with a working email and a webpage in process! With that said, we are also ready to open up an informal but necessary process for those interested in leadership positions. We are looking for an ASUW rep, a public relations officer and two freshman representatives to work with us, the UW student, faculty and staff, as well as the greater Seattle community to make an impact with the power we possess as students. If you are interested in leadership or membership, email bandhan@uw.edu with any questions or concerns and we'll be sure to send out an email with further updates in the very near future. In the mean time, now that we're official, let's get the word out and begin rolling the ball! :)

  • Sept 25: Hey! We have officially registered and are waiting to hear back from the SAO! We also just met with our advisor and a few faculty, so it looks like we are ready to get the ball moving! We will finalize the first meeting shortly as soon as we settle on a timeline for this quarter. Hope you hall had a great first couple days of classes and we look forward to meeting you soon :)