“World peace is not only possible, but inevitable. It is the next stage in the evolution of this planet…”

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The Promise of World Peace A statement by the Universal House of Justice, 1996

Why do Bahá’ís believe peace is inevitable? In light of current events, how can it possibly be the next stage in the evolution of the planet? Well, consider this; humanity has been going through many stages of growth over thousands of years, only now reaching a stage like unto adolescence. Like a developing child, the world as a whole will either grow naturally out of juvenile habits, frustrations and selfish needs to a state of maturity, or the process can be difficult and turbulent. Either way, the condition in which it finds itself is not sustainable, nor are the inequalities and injustices afflicting the world permanent. While tribulation and trials increase on the one hand, never before has the human race been at such a stage of interdependence, communication and self-awareness. Never before have world affairs pushed humanity to the state where the structures and desire for global dialogue have been so strong and so visible. The Bahá’í Faith teaches that true peace, sustainable and lasting peace, is not merely the end of war. It is, rather, a realization of the unity of all humankind as one family and the operation of the world based on that essential principle.

             -The UW Bahá’í Student Association