Why:                    Border to border is an event that aspires to raise awareness and funding for the American Cancer Society.  It was established by a former pharmacy student named Patrick Gallaher in honor of his father, Larry Gallaher, who died around the time that Patrick started pharmacy school.


What:                   The Relay requires participants to traverse the approximately 325 miles between the northern and southern borders of Washington State.


How:                   Relay miles are divided up and assigned to teams, or “vanpools”, which are responsible for walking, biking, or running the assigned miles each day.  It does not matter whether vanpool members cover these miles alone or in groups as long as the assigned miles are completed in that day.  Transportation, overnight accommodations, and most meals are provided. 


Where:                 The Relay begins in Vancouver, Washington and ends at the Peace Arch Park in Blaine, Washington.  The route is a scenic one that takes participants along the back-roads of Washington State.


When:                  Participants leave Seattle in the late afternoon on May 24th (Thursday) and drive to Vancouver where the Relay begins the next morning.  They arrive back in Seattle in the early evening of May 27th (Sunday) after a celebration feast at the Peach Arch Park.


Goal:                   To raise $10,000 to donate to the American Cancer Society.  This is done by asking each participant to help us by raising $100 in donations from faculty, family, friends, and co-workers.   People are more than willing to donate to a worthy cause!  It is preferable that donations be received prior to the event, but shortly afterwards is acceptable too.  All donation checks should be made payable to Border to Border.  If requested, Border to Border will issue a letter documenting the donation for tax purposes.


Participating:      There is a $30 participation fee that is to be turned in with the application available in the student lounge by April 27th to the Border to Border mailbox in the Pharmacy Office.  Participation fee checks should be made payable to Border to Border.  This fee helps defray some of the expenses incurred by the event, including transportation, food, and T-shirts that all participants receive.


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