Events 2002-03

November 6, 2002 Fall Kickoff Meeting (Anderson Forestry Club Room)

Fire and Ice: Rivers of Mt. Pinatubo and Eastern Tibet. Speaker: Dave Montgomery, Ph.D. Professor of Geomorphology, Earth and Space Sciences

The first meeting of the year to welcome past members back from summer research and recruit new members. One purpose of the meeting will be to register individuals as members, collect dues and discuss the years upcoming events. There will be FREE PIZZA!

November 14, 2002 State Chapter Conference (Seattle Art Museum) Beyond Watershed Planning

December 5 December seminar

George Pess, Geomorphologist with the National Marine Fisheries Service, Seattle; "Collecting baseline information on the Elwha River prior to dam removal - a work in progress."

January (date TBA) Out to lunch: graduate and undergraduate lunch get together for discussion of graduate school and hydrology beyond coursework.