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Lunch-N-Learn with Parsons Brinckerhoff

February 24, 2014 | 12:30PM @ MOR225

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By Request @ More Hall

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We are civil engineering Huskies

And we serve our fellow civil engineering Huskies. WOOF!

ASCE and UW Logo

Our student chapter represents the University of Washington in the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Through our programs, the student chapter enhances the personal and professional development of civil engineering students. In addition to exposing those students to the professional civil engineering community, ASCE also portrays civil engineering as an honourable profession of education and service to the community at large. The goal is acheived through technical, professional, civic, and social activities by active participation in technical presentations, professional meetings, community service projects, and competitions.

The game is on, Huskies!

We encourage competitions, especially civil engineering ones.

Every year, students from the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department participate in competitions. Two of the competitions are our favourites - the NSSBC and ASCE's National Concrete Canoe Competition.

Once our student chapter updates the teams' information, you'll learn more about our projects by enthusiastic students. Stay tuned!

Memberships We Offer

We promise you won't get what you pay for. You get a lot more.

Every year, our student chapter organizes and coordinates many events, and our members love our services. For just $25, members get access to premium events, including our signature meetings "Lunch-n-Learn" with professionals from civil engineering firms. We also make tours to current constructions around Seattle whenever possible.

Chat with Our Officers

We know you want to hear from us. WE feel the same way.

We love socializing with the community and are glad to assist you. Please express general inquires to

Click here for a full list of Officers.

List of Officers

Presidents Amy Plunkett
Devon Becker
Those are the big guys who keep our Student Chapter running smoothly. Should you have any invitations or concerns for us, tell the Presidents.
Treasurer Stetson Shearer The Treasurer ensures we won't run out of budget. If you would like to sponsor us an event, please kindly send the Treasurer an e-mail.
Secretary &
Membership Chair
Peter Deng The Bookkeeper of ASCE UW. If you have a question about *anything* related to your membership or newsletters which we send out periodically, give him a shout.
Social Chair Samiah Rizvi "The essence of all art is to take pleasure in giving pleasure."
          ~ Dale Carnegie
If you have heard of interesting events happening soon near Seattle, please tell our Social Chair. She will spread the words to every member.
Outreach Chair Sam Adiputra * Lunch-N-Learn Specialist *
The Outreach Chair keeps contact with our neighbours and industry. If you would like to share experiences with us (or want us to do so), bring your plan to him.
Webmaster Hin Kei Wong If the website is broken, don't beat up any of the other Officers. Our Webmaster is the guy you're looking for.
Also, if you would like to circulate a newsletter or a flyer among our members, contact our Webmaster.