I’m a graduate researcher in the University of Washington’s Sensor Systems Laboratory, and a cofounder at Jeeva Wireless. My latest work focuses on exploring enabling technologies for battery-free wireless connectivity. I also currently lead the development team for the WISP, an open-source and hackable battery-free platform which helps researchers rapidly prototype battery-free sensing, computation and communication systems. I’m honored to be a 2015 Google Fellowship recipient in the area of mobile networking.

Research Interests

  • Exploring radio frequency energy harvesting for pervasive computing applications
  • Developing strategies for ultra low-power design in hardware and software systems
  • Energy-efficient communication protocols
  • Backscatter as a low-power passive communication method


Current CV (Sept 2016)



Conference Papers

BLISP: Enhancing Backscatter Radio with Active Radio for Computational RFIDs, I. Veen, Q. Liu, P. Pawelczak, A.N. Parks, J.R. Smith, IEEE RFID 2016. [Paper]

Wisent: Robust Downstream Communication and Storage for Computational RFIDs, J. Tan, P. Pawelczak, A.N. Parks, J.R. Smith, INFOCOM 2016. [Paper]

Co-Optimization of Efficiency and Load Modulation Data Rate in a Wireless Power Transfer System, X. Shi, A.N. Parks, B.H. Waters, J.R. Smith, ISCAS 2015. [Paper]

Active Power Summation for Efficient Multiband RF Energy Harvesting, A.N. Parks, J. R. Smith, IMS 2015. [Paper][Slides]

WISPCam: A Battery-Free RFID Camera, S. Naderiparizi, A.N. Parks, Z. Kapetanovic, B. Ransford, J.R. Smith, IEEE RFID 2015. [Paper]

Turbocharging Ambient Backscatter Communication, A.N. Parks, A. Liu, S. Gollakota, J.R. Smith, SIGCOMM 2014.[Paper][Slides]

Wi-Fi Backscatter: Internet Connectivity for RF-Powered Devices, B. Kellogg, A.N. Parks, S. Gollakota, J.R. Smith, D.Wetherall, SIGCOMM 2014.[Paper]

Sifting Through the Airwaves: Efficient and Scalable Multiband RF Harvesting, A.N. Parks, J.R. Smith, IEEE RFID 2014.**Best Paper Award** [Paper] [Slides]

Ambient Backscatter: Wireless Communication out of Thin Air, V. Liu, A.N. Parks, V. Talla, S. Gollakota, D. Wetherall, J.R. Smith, SIGCOMM 2013. **Best Paper Award** [Paper]

Wirelessly Powered Bistable Display Tags, A. Dementyev,  J. Gummeson, D. Thrasher, A.N. Parks, D. Ganesan, J.R. Smith, A.P. Sample, Ubicomp 2013. [Paper]

A Wireless Sensing Platform Utilizing Ambient RF Energy, A.N. Parks, A.P. Sample, Y. Zhao, J.R. Smith, IEEE Topical Conference on Wireless Sensors and Sensor Networks, RWW 2013. [Paper] [Poster]

Printed Low Power Amperometric Gas Sensor Employing RF Energy Harvesting, M.T. Carter, J.R. Stetter, J.R. Smith, A.N. Parks, Y. Zhao, M.W. Findlay, V. Patel,The Electrochemical Society, January 2012.

Photovoltaic Enhanced UHF RFID Tag Antennas for Dual Purpose Energy Harvesting, A.P. Sample, A.N. Parks, J.R. Smith, IEEE RFID 2011. [Paper]


Perpetual Smart Signage using Ambient Energy Harvesting, A.N. Parks, B.A. Kellogg, J.R. Smith, Poster presented at the International Symposium on Pervasive Displays, June 2013. [Abstract]

Battery-free Electrochemical Gas Sensing in RF Energy-Rich Environments, A.N. Parks, Y. Zhao, A.P. Sample, J.R. Smith, Poster presented at IEEE RFID 2012. [Poster]

Arfid: a Reconfigurable Fabric of Input Devices for the Internet of Things, J. Youngquist,  A.N. Parks, J.R. Smith, B. Ransford, Poster presented at Ubicomp 2014.

Book Chapters

Wireless Ambient Radio Power, A.P. Sample, A.N. Parks, S. Southwood, J.R. Smith, in Wirelessly Powered Sensor Networks and Computational RFID, Joshua R. Smith Ed., Springer SBM, New York, 2013. [Book]

RFID-Vox: A Tribute to Leon Theremin, P.V. Nikitin,A.N. Parks, J.R. Smith, in Wirelessly Powered Sensor Networks and Computational RFID, Joshua R. Smith Ed., Springer SBM, New York, 2013. [Book]


Harvesting Energy from Ambient Radio Sources, University of Washington Electrical Engineering Kaleidoscope, 2013. [Excerpt]

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Media & Links

The WISP is an open-source and hackable experimenter’s platform for wirelessly-powered (battery-free) sensing, computation, and communication. See our wiki at wisp5.wikispaces.com.

Enjoy the following articles and videos, which describe some of the projects I’m involved with! More information about all of these projects can be found at the Sensor Systems laboratory website.