I grew up in Kalpakkam, Tamilnadu, India and completed my BTech in Computer Science and Engineering from Pondicherry Engineering College in 2005. I completed my MS in Math from Auburn in 2007. My thesis, working paper involved developing a Mechanochemical Model for stretch marks in humans (Striae Distensae) under Dr. Anotida Madzvamuse (chair). I moved to UW in 2007, completed my MS from AMATH and am presently a graduate student in the Interdisciplinary Quantitative Ecology and Resource Management  program. My current advisor is Dr.Vince Gallucci.


My research these days involve developing models for trans-boundary management of natural resources using game theory. Typically, this situation arises whenever a potential conflict  is foreseen between two countries or regional managers who share a migrating fish stock. In particular, I am interested in developing a generalized Nash bargaining exogenous framework model (cooperative games) and apply it to develop management strategies for the Pacific sardine, that is jointly shared by various nations.

In the past, I worked on developing an adaptive sampling framework for estimating thresher shark catch across the CA coast with Vince Gallucci (UW) and Craig Heberer (NOAA, SWFSC)

At UW AMATH, I worked on a graph theory problem, Spanning cubic decompositions of the complete graph and the n-graceful labeling conjecture with Moshe Rosenfeld.


Summer 2013– Instructor QSci 291, 292 ; Summer 2012—Instructor QSci 291 , 292 ; Summer 2011– Instructor QSci 291; Summer 2010– Instructor QSci 292

During the fall, spring and winter quarters, I usually TA for the QSci Cal sequences, and in the past, have also TA’ed for the Stat 220 course at UW. At Auburn, I have had a similar teaching/TA experience, mostly Calculus sequences for math and business majors. I also taught one Math Ed. Course for high school teachers here.


A little fish once told me, just keep swimming—RIP Talia Joy Castanello