Andrew Hu

Hello, I'm an undergraduate double majoring in Computer Science and Education (ECO)


Teaching is my long term goal after graduate school. I am interested in innovative pedagogical techniques to help students learn in and out of the classroom

I am double majoring in education through the ECO program, to build the foundations necessary to break down and analyze educational systems.

Here is my teaching record


My research interests are mainly in CS Education, Compilers/Programming Languages, and Computational Biology

I'm in leadership of an undergraduate synthetic biology research group: iGEM where I am leading curriculum development on a new class to be offered at the UW under ENGR 297. Its purpose is to train undergraduates who want to start working in our lab, as well as to expose them to the interdisciplinary nature of synthetic biology.

Learn more about the curriculum I'm designing with IGEM

Contact Info

Email: andrewhu (at)
Phone:  (425) 786-6477

still a work in progress

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