Student Name: Amarise Little Amarise Little
Advisor: Timothy Thornton
Degree Program: PhD
Campus Address: Box 357232, University of Washington, Seattle, WA 98195-7232
Email Address: amarise[at]uw[dot]edu
CV/Resume: CV/Resume (pdf)

I'm a fourth year PhD student in the Department of Biostatistics. I received my B.S. in Applied and Computational Mathematics at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in 2016. I am continuing research that I started as an appointed research assistant under Dr. Timothy Thornton and principal investigator Dr. Alex Reiner. As part of a larger hematology project, we are aiming to identify genetic variants associated with platelet production in humans. We're able to leverage a vast amount of data by using TOPMed whole genome sequences of participants from numerous studies. Many of these studies have admixed participants, so new methods are being developed and implemented to appropriately account for admixture, so we are better able to identify variants associated with platelet production. Concurrently, I am working on my dissertation, developing a method for performing association analyses on admixed individuals that simultaneously incorporates information about ancestral history, genotypes, and other -omics data types.

I was born and raised in Orlando, FL, so I'm a life-long lover of the sun and outdoors. In my spare time, I enjoy playing volleyball, crocheting, visiting beaches, and cooking.