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September/October 1998


What's Happened Since Spring Quarter Finals Week?

From the Acting ALISS President

Hey, All Returning and New Students,

If you haven't noticed any changes yet, just wait! Mike Eisenberg has got all of us excited and enthusiastic about the upcoming year. Hopefully, you will notice a difference. ALISS wants to charge on with that enthusiasm and take advantage of Mike's helpfulness -- so if you have ideas on anything, parties, colloquia, internships, or tours, ALISS has the funds to make it your idea a reality. Just let us know.

First SLIS Happy Hour of the quarter at Rain Dancer on the Ave. Thursday, Oct. 1 at 5:00p.

See you all around,

Sarah "Sam" Webb

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"Join our great adventure. This is our time - the information age - and our School is about to take its rightful place in it. Get involved; be a part of something special and unique." -- Mike Eisenberg, Director of SLIS

Michael B. Eisenberg,, formerly of Syracuse University, accepted the challenge of directing the School earlier this year after a lengthy candidate search process by the UW and SLIS.

The unifying aspect of his diverse teaching and research activities is the ongoing effort to improve society's ability to meet people's information needs. To accomplish this, he focuses on educating information professionals, conducting research, consulting, writing and presenting on the use of information and information technology in education and training; information problem-solving and development of essential information and technology skills; development and management of Internet services and resources; and the curriculum concerns and management of library media programs.

He emphasizes the use of information and information technology by individuals and organizations to meet their information needs and manage their information more effectively and efficiently. He is nationally known for his innovative approach to problem-solving and critical thinking/ information skills development. Mike is in great demand as a speaker and holds numerous workshops across the country on his skills-based approach to information problem solving and technology in learning and teaching.

Mike earned his MLS from SUNY at Albany and his Ph.D. in Information Transfer from the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University in 1986. His doctoral thesis, Magnitude Estimation and the Measurement of Relevance, won national awards from both the American Society for Information Science (ASIS> and the Association for Library and Information Science Education (ALISE). Mike also directs the ERIC Clearinghouse on Information and Technology and the award-winning AskERIC service.

He has authored and co-authored a variety of publications, including his latest work, co-authored with Bob Berkowitz Helping With Homework: A Parents Guide to Information Problem-Solving (ERIC, 1997); "The Six Study Habits of Highly Effective Students: Using the Big Six to Link Parents, Students,and Homework, School Library Journal, Aug 1995; "LM_NET: Where Media Specialists Meet in Cyberspace," School Library Journal, November 94; "Plugging into the 'Net," Emergency Librarian, Nov-Dec 1993; "Information-Based Education: An Investigation of the Nature and Role of Information Attributes in Education, Information Processing and Management, 1993; "Managing Technology," chapter in Renewal at the Schoolhouse (Libraries Unlimited, 1993); "Current Themes Regarding Library and Information Skills Instruction: Research Supporting and Research Lacking," School Library Media Quarterly, Winter 1992; "Information Technology and Services in Schools," chapter in the Annual Review of Information Science and Technology, Vol. 25, 1991; "Technology and the Library Media Program: Focus on Potential and Purpose," School Library Media Quarterly, Spring 1990; "Measuring Relevance Judgments" Information Processing and Management (1988);"Managing the Library and Information Skills Program," School Library Media Activities Monthly, March 1986; "Curriculum Mapping and Implementation of an Elementary School Library Media Skills Curriculum," School Library Media Quarterly, Fall 1984); and The Direct Use of Information Systems by Untrained End-Users (ERIC, 1982). Mike co-authored (with Bob Berkowitz) two books central to the school library and information field: Curriculum Initiative: An Agenda and Strategy for Library Media Programs (Ablex, 1988), and the often-cited,Information Problem-Solving: The Big Six Skillsİ Approach to Library & Information Skills Instruction (Ablex, 1990).

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www.asis.orgFrom the UW Student Chapter of the American Society for Information Science (UW ASIS)

We hope lots of you will participate in ASIS events this coming year!

ASIS is the American Society for Information Science, a professional and scholarly organization devoted to the more theoretical and computer-related aspects of information seeking and information management, whether in library settings or elsewhere. We're having our first fall meeting Thursday, Oct. 1, at 6:00p, at Rain Dancer on the Ave.

We're also sponsoring lounge hours in the student lounge, Mondays 3:30-4:30p, Tuesday 4:00-5:00p, Wednesdays 3:30-4:30p and Thursdays 2:00-3:00p. These are times when second-year students will be in the lounge to field questions and get acquainted with first-year students. We're also sponsoring a lecture by Geri Bunker on the UW Libraries' Digital Libraries Initiative, Tuesday, Oct. 13, at 8:00p in Allen Auditorium.

Lots of other events will be upcoming. How can you find out more? Watch the SLIS newsgroup for upcoming meeting and events (uwash.gslis). Visit our Web site ( E-mail one of the ASIS officers with questions:

Fred Brown, President
Brian DeBroux, Vice President
Andrea Cooper, Secretary
Terina Beckwith, Treasurer:
Melissa Riesland, Publicist/Webmaster

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From the UW Student Chapter of the American Library Association (SALA)

We invite you to become involved in our social, service and career activities. We will also be electing new officers December 2 and 3, so if you want to be involved in planning the next year of SLIS, consider becoming an officer of SALA.

Throughout the year, we will offer "JobTalk 101" presentations, which are designed to help you find a job or fieldwork, or just meet and talk to professionals. Look for these dates soon.

We will have some fun at Movie Night on Oct. 9. Or come to Bowling on Nov. 7! We will be getting a group together for Northwest Bookfest as well.

SALA sells "Top Ten Things to do with your Library Degree" t-shirts. Get one while they last for $14. We also have mugs. We'll post the times that we'll have these in the lounge. If you want one at other times, see one of the officers.

Watch the newsgroup and the web page for further information! The officers look forward to meeting you.

Dana Bostrom, chair
Lorena O'English, vice-chair
Susi Swis, conference coordinator
Laura Tanji, co-program coordinator

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UW SLA LogoFrom the Student Chapter of the Special Libraries Association at UW (SLA-UW)

SLA invites you to join the tours and other activities that we have planned for this fall. We also invite you to tell us what other special library activities you would be interested in.

We are hosting the Dessert Event on Oct. 6. Please come to the HUB at 5:00p that evening to get to know all the student groups active in the school, and learn more about what they can do for you.

We are going on a fieldtrip to Boeing on Oct. 23. Sign up by the 14th to go. At Boeing, we will hear from the head of their libraries, as well as get a tour of the public and technical areas.

Join us for a road trip to Portland on Nov. 13-14! We have arranged for a tour of Nike, Sequent and Tektronix on Nov. 13. These tours will be followed by a chocolate event hosted by the Portland SLA chapter. We will drive down to Portland on Friday the 13th, and stay overnight in the area. Watch for a sign up sheet soon.

Questions? Contact any of the officers--

Beth Clothier, Chair
Anna Wheaton, Vice-Chair
Sarah (Sam) Webb, Secretary
Dana Bostrom, Treasurer
Greg Fleming, Webmaster/Publicity

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XML Study Group

Beth Clothier and Dana Bostrom invite everyone interested in XML to join them for an informal study group to meet on Thursdays from 5:00-7:00p. The first meeting will be Thursday, October 1, in the Student Lounge. What is XML and why should you care? Good questions for the inaugural meeting on Thursday!

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Tech Resources Informational Meeting

Folks from Tech Resources, a non-profit organization, will be presenting information about their organization, its activities, and opportunities for students (internships, fieldwork, part-time employment). Many former and current GSLIS students are involved with Tech Resources and have participated in a full range of projects, including traveling out-of-state to bring computer and Internet resources to rural libraries. October 8 at 2:30 pm in 127 Suzzallo.

Fall Quarter Annual SLIS Student/Alumni Dinner

What happens when you graduate? You become an alumnus ... or, in packs, alumni. Then what? Well, unless you're on the other side of the world or disinclined to keep in touch, you hang out with other alums and occasionally with current students. What's in it for students? A chance to meet folks who are out in the Real World (aka: Employed) who are interested in meeting students, who have experience and professional contacts, and who can be great resources of information and possible opportunities. (Hint: Second-years, you should definitely be thinking about this event!) (Hint: First-years -- don't wait til you're second-years to think about internships, fieldwork, or possible jobs ... start networking NOW!) The Fall Quarter Student/Alumni dinner will be held on October 29 in McCarty Hall (on campus) from 6:30-9:30p. The cost is $25 alumni/professors, $20 students, and $30 non-members. There are a limited number of seats (75), so get your tickets SOON! (Scholarships are sometimes available; if interested, ask.)

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ALISS Annual Fall Quarter Booksale -- Got books?

There are a few venerable traditions around SLIS -- and the ALISS fall booksale is one of 'em. This is your chance to recycle tomes you're never going to browse again, ferret out some Good Stuff that someone else is thoughtlessly casting aside, and maybe even score some Christmas gifts! Faculty, staff, students, the UW Libraries, and local bookstores all donate books and materials to the sale. It's held in the atrium of By George, which gets a lot of non-SLIS traffic -- so be prepared to shop early! This is ALISS' major fundraising event, and it only succeeds with the enthusiastic participation of lots of folks -- to collect books, to price 'em, to set up the sale, to take people's money, etc. If you're interested in helping out, contact Debbie Chavez, ALISS Secretary (dchavez@u) -- it's fun, it's a Good Deed, and you'll get to see all the donated stuff before anyone else!

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"Help Wanted: ALISS WebDeity"

The ALISS WebDeity is graduating at the end of this quarter and would like to help the new webperson settle in before departing. The job requires basic web skills (rudimentary HTML, willingness to spend a little time on a regular basis to update calendar/etc. information, interest in and enthusiasm for the technology). The webperson reports to the ALISS Vice President (to be elected this quarter) and supports the various officers and representatives. Also works closely with Silverfish editor to upload editions. Maintains ALISS homepage, incorporating new material, keeping directories rational, and so forth. LOTS of opportunity for learning and creativity. If interested, please contact Emily Schultz, current WebDeity,; AND Sam Webb, Acting ALISS President, Include a brief introduction and paragraph describing your familiarity/comfort with webpage creation and/or maintenance.

What's Happened Since Spring Quarter Finals Week?

School Pic

About a quarter of the School's 204 members of the Class of 1997-98 and a few other hearty souls who got up early to be on the front steps of Suzz by 8:00a on a "free" Saturday! The first GSLIS photo in 20 years, the group includes day and evening degree students, Acting Director Betty Bengtson, Drs. Fidel, Nelson, Pierce, and Li, Office Goddess Dolores Potter, SLIS computer lab manager Scott Schramke, student officers, and Sierra (97-98 ALISS Treasurer Tina Kay's little girl) playing peek-a-boo with the bemused UW photographer. Kudos to everyone who showed up on time and in a good mood! Enough ASIS folks showed up to have their own pic taken as well. After the photo op, most of us went for coffee ... If you haven't picked up your prepaid copy of the photo(s) yet, contact Sharwain Smith, (Photo courtesy of Noriko Low)

Convocation '98:

Graduates, family members and friends were joined by members of the faculty, the administration, and guests to celebrate the Class of '97-'98. Highlights included the presence of Marsha Landolt, Dean of the Graduate School, the speech by SPL's Deborah Jacobs, lots of family and friends to help celebrate, and graduate Ken Thompson's speech on the theme "The Three Worst Problems of the Information Age: Hunger, Cruelty and Death." Prof. Hieatt graciously agreed to do one more service to the School by reading the names of graduating students as they processed to the stage to receive their certificates. Acting Director Betty Bengtson put in a lot of hours to make the event sparkle -- it did! Appreciation gifts were presented by the students to Ms. Bengtson, Dolores Potter, Scott Schramke, and Judith Nyman-Schaaf (in absentia).

Right: Guest Speaker Deborah Jacobs, SPL

UW ASIS President Darlene Weber presented a plaque listing the years the Chapter has been named Outstanding Student Chapter of the Year by the national organization (4 times in 7 years). Dr. Fidel accepted the plaque on behalf of the School. The first recipients of the newly created Presidents Award -- Sean McCain, Andy Wickens, Bonnie Parks, Meg Rheingold, and Ken Thompson -- were honored for their outstanding service and contributions during their GSLIS tenure. Sean McCain was also named this year's Ruth Worden Award winner, an honor given by the GSLIS Alumni Association on the recommendation of the faculty, to the outstanding student in the graduating class. After the official ceremonies, refreshments and socializing ensued. It was a great event! Congratulations to the Convocation Committee and special thanks to Sharwain Smith and all her cheerful volunteers. (Photos courtesy of Noriko Low)

Left: Grads Sean McCain and Noriko Low nosh at post-ceremony festivities.

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Summer Quarter: The advance guard of first-years arrived in time to take Sam Oh's last class (LIS 530) and welcome new Director Mike Eisenberg. Along the way, SALA sponsored a TGIF/Happy Hour at Big Time Brewery -- getting the summer off to a great start! UW ASIS sponsored a mid-quarter picnic at Magnusson Park (aka Sand Point) that provided a welcome break. The new student activity organization officers met to exchange ideas and make plans for the upcoming year. Graduates job-hunted to reasonable success -- many headed out of town (New York, Chicago, Alaska, Oregon, and points farflung) for their first Professional gigs. Several dozen GSLIS folks worked at Technical Resources helping bring the Internet/World Wide Web to remote rural schools and libraries. Dr. Oh and his family returned to Korea. Dr. Doll headed to her exciting new job at Wayne State University. Dr. Hieatt actually got his office excavated! The Academic Computing Center closed its doors as a 24-hour lab. Beginning in the fall, OUGL will be the 24-hour site for computer-philes.

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Interim: Once Summer Quarter ended, the UW libraries went on reduced hours, so inevitably folks who work in them got some 'free time.' During interim, the regional chapters of SLA and ASIS had meetings, as did other professional associations of interest. Recent grad CAROL SHENK, received the 1998 Student Paper Award of the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the American Society for Information Science for her paper "Visual Resource Documentation Schemes: Standardization in Museums, Libraries, and Archives." SeaFair and county fairs, the best weather of the year, and no homework deadlines were added bonuses (bonusii?)! The computer lab folks were busy getting ready for the influx of new GSLISers and machines. Finally, the long-delayed End-of-Spring-Quarter/End-of-Summer-Quarter/Fall-Quarter-Prequel Picnic was held at Gasworks Park -- students, alums, faculty, friends/family members, and the Eisenbergs enjoyed a relaxed potluck in perfect weather. The park (and the view!) sparkled thanks to rain the day before, the neighboring picnickers were from the School of Nursing, the company and nibbles delightful.

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