SALA Announces Contest Winners

10/20/2005 9:47 PM




SALA, the Information School Student Chapter of the American Library Association, is pleased to announce the outcome of its recent contest to win a free ALA membership.

Overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response to the short form essay question: "I want a free ALA membership because..." a single winning entry could not be chosen! Instead, SALA student leadership voted to double the prize award and offer it to two entrants. The officers of SALA wish to extend their warmest thanks to all who participated, and urge those able to do so to take advantage of a wonderful offer: Dual membership in ALA and the state association, WLA-for only $25.00.To join, go to

Here are the two winning entries:

"I want to win a free ALA membership because it is said that the best things in life are free and this seems to be ideal time for me to test that theory. I already know that ALA publications and conferences are the best - but how much better are they with a free membership?"

-Linda Nixon

I want to win a free ALA membership because... last night aliens kidnapped me in my sleep; I returned unscathed but they apparently robbed me while they were at it because my wallet and checkbook are missing and I've already ordered new checks but I get those vanity checks (mine have a picture of my pet rabbit Billy on them) and if you've ever ordered those you *know* how long it can take to get them and by then it'll be next year and I really want to join ALA *this* year so I have no choice but to enter contests to try to win a free membership.

-Erin Sharwell


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