Letter From the Editor...

Dear Silverfish Fans,

Welcome to this year's (slightly belated) first issue of the 'fish! We have several exciting reports from conference-goers, a new edition of last year's Biblioteca column, and some fun reviews for those of you who still have time to read books or watch movies not related to school.

We also would like to announce an exciting contest! It has come to our attention that not enough people know about the wonder that is our little paper. In an effort to ameliorate this problem, we would like to distribute some fun posters around the iSchool. One problem: we have no posters! So, we are counting on you folks to design some for us. Here's the deal: submit your idea(s) for a Silverfish poster, we will empanel judges to evaluate all submissions, and the artist responsible for the grand favorite will win some exciting cash money! (Yes, that's right: cold, hard cash. You heard it here first.)

So, get out those pencils, finger-paints and pixels, and produce us something we'll learn to love! The deadline is January 1st. (Additional details listed under "News".)

Oh, and this year, we will be publishing ourselves bimonthly. We have received many comments from folks who are just too busy to read our beloved 'fish every month, and so we are cutting down on the volume in hopes of enticing a few more readers. Sounds strange, but it is true. Anyway, we thought you might like to know!

So we will see you in December/January. Until then, Happy Reading!

From the delicious Staff of the Silverfish...

Jeanne Doherty
Silverfish Editor
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October/November 2005
Vol. X Issue I
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