by Robotor, MLIS Day*


[Ed. – Robotor is a first-year MLIS student and he decided to document the first day of classes. Read on to follow his adventures...]

My first day at the iSchool began interestingly enough. Instead of attending LIS 500, I decided to tour Mary Gates Hall and its environs. This is the iSalon, which my friend Katy tells me is good for studying.

Tom took me back to the “G.A. Corral” to show me where all kinds of work gets done. Much to our surprise, other people had gotten there first.

I took a break to check my e-mail with my old buddy Al the Alien who is currently in town for a visit.

This is one of the MGH bathrooms they told me to watch out for. Rumor has it that there is sometimes more than one pair of feet per stall there. No kidding! You should see the pictures I didn’t put up.

John got a little cocky while we were walking downstairs to continue our tour, talking about how cool it is to be a second year. I pushed him down.

Hmmm. Perhaps I should be a bit more respectful of my elders.

Long walk. Tired. Must rest. Hey, what’s that antelope doing in the bushes?

My iPeeps showed me the engineering library and I was really impressed.
This particular corner of the library felt almost ready-made for taking back some of my time! I was thinking about information while sitting there.

Hey, they even let me work the desk here! Hmmm, maybe I should apply for that student reference assistant position.

Stopped in a lovely wooded glade between Suzzallo and the HUB. Grieg was more than willing to have his picture taken.

My new friends exerted a little peer pressure and… hey, this stuff is good.
Hmmm, maybe I’ll have to check out this whole “Pub Night” thing!

My new pals took some pictures of me with the old gang.
Well, that’s it! I guess it’s off to class tomorrow… At least now I feel like I know a little bit about the iSchool and its environs. Maybe tomorrow I’ll actually be ready for antelopes!

*with some help from his good MLIS friends Katy Shaw (Alumna), Tom Dobrowolsky, and John Glover


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