Judging a Book by Its Cover

By Jenine Lillian, MLIS Day


While working for local libraries, I noticed an inordinate amount of ridiculously titled books, started jotting them down and eventually compiling a list for staff room enjoyment. The tradition continues now that I’m in the iSchool and in every issue of the Silverfish you’ll find more fun to add to your reading lists. For those of you who are just beginning the program, I decided this list should have a few titles that will prepare you for the adjustment to grad school, your coursework, pub nights and antelope sightings—enjoy!


Dude Food: Recipes for the Modern Guy (includes Love Me Tenderloin, Great Legs and Macho Ball Soup)


Clean Your Clothes with Cheez Whiz and hundreds of offbeat uses for dozens more brand-name products (by the author of “Polish Your Furniture with Panty Hose.”)


Lunchtime Enlightenment


Perspective without Pain


Revival of the Fittest


Know More Than You Know Now


Nerd in Shining Armor


The Dewey Decimal System of Love


Soothe a Librarian’s Beautiful Mind


Love Your Librarian?


How I Fell in Love with a Librarian and Lived to Tell About It


*If you come across wacky book titles in your travels, email and you just might find yourself in the column.*






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