Judging a Book by Its Cover

By Jenine Lillian, MLIS Day


As we enter the darker months and the fireside (or at least, close to the space heater) book reading season commences, I thought I'd give you a sampling of wacky-titled non-fiction to warm you. As always, remember these are actual books (I couldn't make this stuff up) and are available at your local library for your enjoyment.


  • The Radioactive Boy Scout: The True Story of a Boy and His Backyard Nuclear Reactor

  • Hard-Boiled: Great Lines from Classic Noir Films

  • The Man Who Tasted Shapes

  • Getting It On: A Condom Reader

  • Eccentric America: the Bradt guide to all that's weird and wacky in the USA

  • Wacky Chicks: life lessons from fearlessly inappropriate and fabulously eccentric women

  • Hacking Matter: levitating chairs, quantum mirages, and the infinite weirdness of programmable atoms

  • Skin Tight: the bizarre story of Guess v. Jordache--glamour, greed, and dirty tricks in the fashion industry

  • The Winner of the Slow Bicycle Race

  • Hide Your Assets and Disappear: a step-by-step guide to vanishing without a trace

  • The perfect solution to absolutely everything


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Page last updated: November 9, 2004