Blast from the Past


This month’s blast comes from the April 1987 issue of Sojourner, the forerunner to today’s Silverfish.


Is the iSchool still anti-thesis? Marion the Librarian’s response to Thesis Student’s question shows that the path for a thesis student in iSchool was encumbered. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to research how many theses have been churned out by iSchool students over the years but I bet the trickle has never really threatened to turn into a noticeable leak. Being a four week old MLIS student, I am not too knowledgeable on the subject but I have already sensed that the same anti-thesis atmosphere that apparently existed in the late 1980’s still exists today.


If, as a society of information professionals (and librarians if you so wish to be distinguished) have found today that wearing warm socks is a better fashion alternative to 1980’s-style fluorescent leg warmers, might we also now be better capable of producing meaningful thesis work?


Maybe time will tell.


-- Mark Bardsley


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