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May/June 1998


New Director!

Dean Marsha Landolt has announced Dr. Michael Eisenberg will accept the position of Director of the Graduate School of Library and Information Science. He will officially assume his duties in August, but is in contact with the School now working on projects and preparations for the upcoming academic year. Three cheers for all involved in this lengthy, demanding and time-consuming process: the Director Search Committee, Acting Director Betty Bengtson, Meg Rheingold, and all the students who participated!

School Picture

In response to student demand, ALISS has arranged to have a GSLIS School Picture taken by the University of Washington organization that does such things. The details are:

  1. Date/Time: Saturday, June 6 promptly at 8:00 a.m.
  2. Place: Front steps of Suzzallo Library
  3. Cost: If you want your very own 8" x 10" print, $5 prepaid to Tina Kay, ALISS Treasurer. Otherwise, please just show up!
  4. Other: Bring an umbrella in case it rains. The more folks who show up, the better the picture will be! Open to GSLIS students 1997-1998, regular/adjunct/visiting faculty, staff and administration.

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Presidents Award

There are limited venues in GSLIS to recognize students at present. Graduation with Distinction is based solely on Master's exam performance. The Ruth Worden Award is given by the GSLIS Alumni Association based on the Faculty's recommendation.

Many students, however, give generously and often of their time, energy and commitment to make our projects and events succeed -- the booksales, Resume Night, literacy outreach projects, fieldtrips, etc. Every year, there are a handful of GSLISers who go 'above and beyond' in contributing time and effort on our communal behalf.

The Presidents Award is being created to formally recognize and convey appreciation of exceptional individuals.


  • Sitting GSLIS student organization presidents/chairs are ineligible for nomination.
  • All students currently registered or recently graduated (within the current academic year) may recommend candidates for the award.
  • To nominate someone, send email (or written comments) to any current President (ALISS, ASIS, SALA, or SLA) stating your nominee's first and last name, and a sentence or two supporting your recommendation.
  • The deadline for this year's nominations is JUNE 5.
  • Awards will be presented at Convocation.
  • We anticipate there will be several honorees each year.

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Spring Booksale - Secretary's Report

Thanks to all who helped make the Spring ALISS Booksale a success. We brought in $674.75, not bad profit for our first Spring booksale. Profits will be added to the ALISS account, to be paid out for Convocation, student conference scholarships, and other ALISS activities. Leftover books are being contributed to Books for Prisoners, a non-profit organization.

I would like to express my appreciation to all who pitched in. A good dozen helpers showed up for the sorting party, and we had plenty of wonderful volunteers staffing the booksale itself.

Extra big thanks go to the following extra-effort volunteers: Laura Tanji rounded up all the volunteers for the booksale and sorting party. David Wright finessed donations from UW libraries, GSLIS faculty and staff, and area bookstores (Magus and Half-Price Books); and also got our snazzy new vinyl signs printed, for which we received many compliments. Sharwain Smith designed and posted the nifty fliers that got everyone's attention all over campus.

Good job, guys!

Melissa Riesland, ALISS Secretary

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Kirk Van Scoyoc's COA Report

Since joining Sean McCain as COA (Committee on Accreditation) Oversight Committee late in Autumn Quarter, I have attended two meetings, both of which were for the purpose of putting together and fine tuning the Plan for Program Presentation. We received no student feedback on the Plan after it was posted on the ALISS page. The Plan was sent to the ALA COA in mid-April. Things will start to heat up again this summer and fall, as we begin to prepare for the site visit, which is next spring. Speaking of which, please complete your COA student questionnaires and return them to the office. We need to have student input in order to be "up front" (as Betty B. put it) with the ALA COA on our problems, transitions, and strengths.

Also, it would be great to have another student to share this committee work with, and now because Sean will be leaving. Let me know if you're interested.

Kirk (klvs@u)

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Letter from the President


Well, we've made it ... good luck to everyone who's writing the Exam this quarter, and congratulations to everyone who's graduating this year!

It's been a whirlwind for me, so I'd like to take this opportunity to say "thanks" to a bunch of folks for showing up and doing the work to make so many projects and activities happen successfully this year:

  • Betty Bengtson, Acting Director - who has been awesome! Her energy, enthusiasm, intelligence, and professionalism have been inspirational -- I want to be just like her when I grow up!

  • Scott, Dolores and Judith - who all put in untold hours of time, effort and energy to make things actually run at GSLIS. I really appreciate all the times they've made my/ALISS' life easier throughout the year.

  • The Faculty - for their encouragement and support of our activities, their responsiveness to our concerns, their forebearance during our activities/inconveniencing, and their wise counsel (whether they're Official Advisors or not).

  • Everyone who volunteered for a project or activity this year -- the Booksales (we had 2!), literacy outreach, conferences, the lounge rehab, pizza parties, fieldtrips, the 2nd Annual Childhaven Quilt Party, student organization offices, meetings, responding to surveys/requests/questionnaires, etc. YOU made good things happen -- THANK YOU!

  • Ken Thompson - In addition to respecting him as a colleague, I admire Ken's unfailing commitment to "walking his talk." Very few people give the quality or quantity of time Ken has given to this program, from grunt work (hauling books, helping paint) to institution-level lobbying for RA/TA slots and more, in addition to serving as ALISS President and in UW ASIS.

  • Darlene Weber - I really appreciate all her time and effort this year to arrange for HUB space for our guest speakers and Director candidate student Q&A sessions, as well as working on so many projects. She's been a great asset to UW ASIS as President -- in addition to wielding a mean paint roller!

  • Sean McCain - Special appreciation for unfailing good spirits, bowling and softball and U-Brew team organization, and of course, his COA work and officer stints in ALISS (as last year's Admissions Rep) and UW ASIS.

  • Bonnie Parks - Many thanks for all the great work she did as SALA President and many cheerful hours of service on any number of projects and good works around the program; not to mention her killer competitive spirit on bowling and softball teams!

  • Julia Parker - for taking the lead on SLA's fieldtrips, resume workshop, and happy hours. Quite a feat given her schedule!

  • Andy Wickens - for all his time and support for projects and activities, including the quilt party and organizing fieldtrips, above and beyond serving as last year's ALISS Treasurer.

  • Stephanie Schmidt - for making the School Pic project happen, serving as a UW ASIS officer, and being willing to party at the drop of happy hour!

Special appreciation as well is due to this year's ALISS officers, Liaisons and Committee Reps:

  • Melissa Riesland, Secretary, for excellent organization and follow-through on the mundane tasks and the ever-challenging Book Sale! She'll be working with UW ASIS next year.

  • Tina Kay, Treasurer, for great work in a frequently frustrating office -- keeping us in the black and stocked with nibbles!

  • Our GPSS Senators, Sarah "Sam" Webb and Stephanie Mattox, for their diligence representing us on the wider campus level and taking our concerns 'outside' Suzzallo. Sam will serve as Acting ALISS President until the election this Fall. Stephanie will be coordinating the Student Handbook revision.

  • Sharwain Smith, Admissions Rep, for her work getting newbies for next year and for all the grunt work throughout the year on lots of projects!

  • Sarah Higgins, Colloquiam Rep, for her continuing efforts and energies expended in getting colloquia scheduled for evenings this quarter! Huzzah!

  • Laura McCarty, Curriculum Rep and COA/Curriculum Rep, for spending untold hours (including Saturday mornings!) working with staff, faculty (and UW ASIS) to address the countless and often thorny issues surrounding courses, requirements, etc. And for reliably being a Voice of Reason.

  • Laura Tanji, DISC Liaison, for all her work on the quarterly potlucks, getting information out to GSLIS around diversity issues, ADA updates, etc., and for her high energy and positive approach. She'll be working with SALA next year.

  • Brian DeBroux, Evening Degree Liaison, for stepping up to the plate and taking on the first ever term of EDL office -- and setting a great example to everyone who follows him! He'll be joining the UW ASIS executive team next year.

  • Emily Schultz, ALISS WebDeity, for volunteering and doing a great job often on short notice!

  • Brian Bannon, our stalwart Silverfish editor!

  • Meg Rheingold, Director Search Rep, for doing outstanding work throughout this process and ensuring that GSLIS students got the opportunities to meet with the candidates face-to-face 'on neutral ground' for Q&A sessions.

  • The Committee on Accreditation student reps -- Sean McCain, Darla Linville, Kirk Van Scoyoc, Darlene Weber, Jason Openo, Stephanie Mattox, Laura McCarty, Hioni Karamanos, Heather Wilder, and Christa Bindel, for volunteering and dedicating hours of their "free" time to the reaccreditation process and ensuring students' representation in this important and far-reaching activity.

  • All the ASIS/SALA/SLA Officers -- Darlene Weber, Stephanie Schmidt, Ken Thompson, Sean McCain, Raney Newman, Julia Parker, Greg Fleming, Bonnie Parks, Dana Bostrom, Lorena O'English, Susi Swis, and their members, for providing hours of professional development and community service opportunities, field trips, and happy hours!

  • The Convocation Committee -- Bonnie Parks, Cass Shettleroe, Darla Linville, Florence Espiritu, Ken Thompson, Melissa Riesland, Sharwain Smith, and Stephanie Schmidt -- who are scurrying around even as I type working to make this a great event! (Of course, this event wouldn't even be happening without Betty B. and Miz Judith!)

And, since Life Goes On, welcome to the new officers -- Debbie Chavez, incoming ALISS Secretary; Patty Stroschein, incoming ALISS Treasurer; and Sayumi Irey, incoming GPSS Senator. They each volunteered to join our happy crew and were unopposed, so they've got the jobs! They'll officially assume their duties on July 1.

Last words: I've been looking over my notes from last year and earlier this year, taking stock of where we've been, what we've accomplished, and where we're heading in GSLIS. Believe it or not, there have been more chaotic times in the past than it is right now! This is a window of incredible opportunity for the program and for us to impact it, to leave a meaningful legacy.

Those of us who are leaving our offices and the program have done a lot of good work in our tenure, and we're glad to see the fruits of our labors, our legacy -- a rarity for students who are "just passing through" in the view of many staff, faculty and administrators in Academe.

I'm glad to have had the chance to contribute something lasting and of value. I'm happy to have met and gotten to know so many people I might never have encountered in my normal haunts and habits. I've had a great time!

Best wishes and good luck, everybody!

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Brian D's Evening Degree Report

Hey, kids! Do you want to work all day, go to class in the evening, and do homework all night and every weekend? Well, now you can -- just enroll in the Evening Degree Program and all this can be yours:

  • no pesky "friends"
  • no time wasted "sleeping"
  • no energy-sapping "relationships"

But seriously, folks, we night-shifters have been busy fighting for our right to have no life. Some of the issues we have tackled this year are:

  • class offerings
  • class start times
  • evening colloquia
  • registration issues
  • computer lab access
  • Master's Exam conflicts

If the tradition is to continue, we will need an Evening Degree liaison next year, so think about it over the summer!

Thanks to the Evening folks for providing guidance and input in our inaugural season, and thanks especially to Zoe for making things happen.

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ASIS Notes

ASIS folks have been busy working on an IS/IT curriculum discussion for presentation to the GSLIS faculty, students, and new Director. The project will be presented to the faculty at the June 2 meeting in 127. It will be available in its final form on the ASIS webpage later this month.

Next year's officers have been confirmed. They are:

  • Fred Brown - President
  • Brian DeBroux - Vice President
  • Andrea Cooper - Secretary
  • Terina Beckwith - Treasurer
  • Melissa Riesland - Publicity/Webperson

They will begin their duties in July and will be sponsoring the mid-Summer Quarter picnic at Magnusson Park.

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Dana Bostrom's SALA Notes

From the SALA President (bostrom@u): The NEW "Top 10 Reasons to Get a Library Degree" T-shirt is coming next week. Look for SALA officers to sell them in your classes sometime next week. Special introductory price of $12. After the first few weeks, the price will go up. If you want one and don't see any of us, email Lorena O'English (oenglish@u) to arrange for one.

SALA Happy Hour -- We will host a Happy Hour on the first Friday of Summer Quarter, June 26. Come meet the summer school students and have appetizers on us. More details coming soon!

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Julia Parker's SLA Notes

From the VP (jparker@u): Tour the ZymoGenetics Inc. research library on Tuesday, May 19, with Diana Nelson Louden. We are waiting to hear if we can also drop in on the new library facilities at Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center on the same afternoon.

Please send me a note at my email if you are interested/able to come on the tours this next Tuesday. Tentatively we're looking at 4:00p, but that is flexible to student feedback. The ZymoGenetics and Fred Hutchison libraries are located on the south end of Lake Union on Eastlake Avenue. Getting there is easy on a #70 Metro bus or a short drive from the University.

In addition, we will be having a couple of speakers from the KCLS in a few weeks and need to start thinking of elections for next year's officers. If you have a nomination to make or preferably, an interest yourself to get involved, please email me about that, too. We need candidates for the ballots!!

SLA Happy Hour: Friday, May 22 at Big Time Brewery on the Ave starting at 4:00p, lasting til whenever. It'll be loud, it'll be crowded -- but not at 4:00p! Join us for one last beer ... and help mull about the Future!

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Volunteer Opportunities

Nisqually Tribal Library: Faith Hagenhofer is the librarian at the Nisqually Tribal Library (a Gates Library Foundation Libraries Online! site) near Olympia. She is looking for students to help her put on a computer/library camp for kids this summer. The three-week long event will include all that you would think: computer basics, application basics, library stuff. She can't pay but ... just think of the children, the joy you could bring into their lives ... the satisfaction you could get from helping mold their spongy little minds! Not to mention how good it looks on a resume -- community involvement, etc. Contact Faith (, 360-459-9600.

Technology Access Foundation: "Hi, my name is Sherry Williams and I am the Resource Coordinator at Technology Access Foundation. We are Connecting Communities of Color with Technology and our focus is teens. I wanted to follow-up to see if you know of anyone who might be interested in volunteering with our organization. Our teens are currently working on special projects and they are creating web pages for non-profits. We need volunteers that know JavaScript and/or HTML. Thanks for your interest! Sherry Williams (

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