The Newsletter of the Graduate School of Library and Information Science

May/June 1996
Jenny Merry-Editor

WLA Invitation

Beth Mabel Fraser
You are cordially invited to a dessert reception in honor of retiring professors, Dr. Grant Skelley and Dr. Ellen Soper, at the annual conference of the Washington Library Association.

7:30- 9:30 p.m. Friday, May 17th, 1996
Bellevue Regional Library
Room 1 off the Gallery

You need not be registered for the conference to attend this special reception, sponsored by the UW GSLIS Alumni Association. In addition to celebrating with Drs. Soper and Skelley, this is a great opportunity to meet UW GSLIS alums from around the state!

From the President

Jessamyn West
This has been an up and down series of months. On the up side, GSLIS has a new Vision Statement to boldly chart our entry into the 21st century. On the downside, some students (after being asked their opinion and believing that it mattered) disagreed with the statement's interpretation and were resoundingly ignored. More good news is two (possibly three) new faculty members coming in Fall through Winter. More bad news is lack of communication about the hiring process and a lot of confusion and rumors. ALISS has a home page, many people can't read it.

Futures Committee is determining the path of GSLIS, students aren't included (except for a brief meeting).

WLA is coming up but it's the end of the quarter and many students are busy with work.

Some stuff is just plain good -- the new computer in the study room, the convocation committee whipping everything into shape, the EOQ party that the Hiatts and ALISS are throwing, the new evening degree program and the money it brings, the efforts of the faculty search committees to obtain and reflect on student opinion.

A few things aren't so good. Van Orden, Skelley and Soper are leaving us (though they themselves may be happy about this).The recent earthquake only makes the Suzzallo renovation folks more righteous in their planning. Hee Chan Kim won't be graduating and I miss him.

So long and good luck graduates! May your authority control never waver and your connection always be T1.

WLA in Bellevue, May 15-18

Angie Gotti
Mark your calendars now for the WLA Annual Conference, to be held May 15th-18th at the Bellevue Red Lion Hotel. This year's conference should be of particular interest to everyone in the program for the following reasons:

  • Students are presenting programs at the conference for the first time. This reflects the strong interest WLA has in our school and its goings-on and the impressive student turn-out at last year's conference in Spokane. Come and support your classmates as they show off their best for a statewide audience.
  • The price is right. A student, member or non-member, registration for the conference is $35.00 for the whole conference, $20.00 for one day of attendance. This is a bargain given the amount of information available for consumption. This price includes conference program attendance (except in cases where pre-registration is required), entrance to the exhibit hall, and the opportunity to "network" to your heart's content.
  • Amazing speakers. Even if the dinner prices are a bit steep, you can still pay the $5.00 speaker fee and see local authors Nikki Grimes and David Guterson, a magic show, theatrical performances, awards luncheon (where the winner of the WLA scholarship is honored, congratulations!) and so much more. This is a great way to get to know people from around the state.
  • They're honoring our own. Drs. Skelley and Soper will be honored at a special Alumni Association reception at the Bellevue Regional library from 7:30-10:00pm. From everything that I have heard, YOU DO NOT NEED TO ATTEND THE WHOLE CONFERENCE TO ATTEND THIS RECEPTION (meaning: you don't have to pay the one day fee to get in). It is an honor to these two great individuals and to our school to have their service recognized in such a grand fashion. We should give a good turn-out for this event alone.
  • Can you think of anything more educational to do in two or three days?
I feel strongly about getting as many people involved in this glorious opportunity as possible. It is a chance to meet people and make connections. Last year's large student delegation meant big wins for the school this year in the areas of programming and exhibits. Such attention shows that our school and its students mean a great deal to the statewide library culture. Please consider attending.

Director's Message

Dr. Phyllis Van Orden
So many things are happening around the school I encourage you to keep your eyes open for news on the newsgroup, on the bulletin boards, or similar places. Information will be announced or posted as soon as it is available. For example, we hope to announce our new faculty members shortly. In the meantime, mark June 8th on your calendar and join us at convocation.

Important Office News

AUGUST/Summer Graduates: Please remember to file for your degree over at the Graduate School Student Services office. The DEADLINE is FRIDAY, JUNE 28 (no exception), 5:00pm. DO NOT go between 12-1pm, they are closed.

Hee-Chan Kim's Memorial Service

Diana Inch
On Thursday evening, April 18th, I attended Hee-Chan Kim's memorial service. At the ceremony we had the chance to grieve the sudden loss of a wonderful man, to feel sad about the future-that-might-have-been, to contemplate our own mortality, and to cherish our memories of Hee-Chan's friendship. Hee-Chan's helpfulness, hospitality, wit, desire to find "a better way" to complete a class project, his love of family and friends, sensitivity, love of life, artistic flair, athletic ability and his Karoke-singing (dis)ability :) ... these qualities of Hee-Chan's were just some of the ones shared at the memorial. The memorial service allowed us to focus on Hee-Chan's special, fun, quirky side; I managed a smile thinking about the singing "Oriental Tiger," off-key but full of energy on the soccer field.

Many thanks to those of you that made the arrangements for Hee-Chan's memorial service, with special thanks to Dr. Sam Oh and Judith Nyman-Schaaf; and also to Hee-Chan's friends who were willing (and able) to give voice to their favorite moments with Hee-Chan. I have no desire to attend another memorial service in the near future, however, I am grateful that I had the opportunity to attend this one. Thank you.

Memorial Fund

Prior to the service, I emptied out the coffee can from Kane Lab. I wanted to neatly combine all of our donations in an envelope before giving the money to Hee-Chan's family. Sitting down on the back carpet of the Kane Lab, I removed the can lid, turned the can over and pulled the money out onto the floor. I was very astonished at the amount of money before me. I was also very proud to be a student in the UW Graduate School of Library and Information Science program because, for being "poor graduate students," we gave a lot. From the donations, it seemed that some people made special trips to the cash machine while others reached into the bottom of their pockets and contributed their last coins (and just a bit of lint too). All in all, it added up to several, several hundreds of dollars for Hee-Chan Kim's growing family. Thank you.

Convocation News

Emily Dagg
GSLIS Convocation Ceremony: Saturday, June 8th, in the HUB West Ballroom. The ceremony begins at 10am, graduates please arrive by 9:45 to line up. Hoods and gowns are the suggested attire for grads, the faculty will be decked out in their academic garb as well. The guest speaker this year is Liz Stroup. She was also the speaker at the first GSLIS convocation ceremony, and was terrific. If you are not graduating, please buy a ticket and come to hear Liz, congratulate your classmates, and enjoy the refreshments. Tickets are $5 each. There is no limit to the number of tickets, so grads, feel free to invite the whole family. Children under 5 are free; however please include them in your guest count. Let the office know by June 3 if you plan to addend, and how many guests.


Laura Linton
We had a rather large group at the SALA premier of Party Girl. The movie was entertaining but the joy of it was watching her relationship with Dewey. Everyone enjoyed the movie and the food (potato chips and dip, M&Ms, Grasshopper cookies, popcorn, and soft drinks).

The ALA Conference pamphlet for NY this summer is ready, there is one on the bulletin board outside the lounge that you may take a look at. If you would like a copy and other information about New York, please contact me at the lab or via email (llinton@u.washington.edu).

Stay tuned next year for other SALA activities.

Help Decide the Future of GSLIS

[note:this has already happened, but the FC would still like our feedback. Write to Beth Fraser or Betty Bengtson with your sugestions]

All students are cordially invited to attend a meeting with the Graduate School of Library and Information Science Futures Committee. The meeting will be held Monday, May 13 from 3:30 - 5:00 p.m. in the Odegaard Undergraduate Library, Room 220.

Acting Provost David B. Thorud instituted the Futures Committee to review the current programs of the GSLIS and to make recommendations for the future development of the School in preparation for the search for a new Director. Following is a list of questions from the Committee for your consideration. If you are not able to attend the meeting, you are welcome to send your comments to Betty Bengtson, Futures Committee Chair (bbengt@u), or to Beth Fraser, Futures Committee Staff (bamf@u). Your comments will be forwarded to the whole committee for review. The Futures Committee looks forward to hearing your thoughts on the future of the GSLIS.

Questions for students to consider

  • As you consider entering the job market as a librarian or information professional, in what areas from your education at the GSLIS do you feel best prepared?
  • Are there areas of the profession that you think you need preparation for not currently available in the GSLIS curriculum? What are those areas?
  • If you consider the possibility of serving in the LIS profession for the next 20-40 years, is your education at the GSLIS giving you the theoretical base to meet the challenges of the technological and societal changes that will inevitably occur during that period? If so, how and why? If not, what needs to be improved or added to the program?
  • What classes have you taken outside of the GSLIS? Did these classes increase your library and information science knowledge and skills and your ability to market yourself for librarian and information professional positions? If so, explain how.
  • What linkages with other departments and schools on campus would be beneficial to the education GSLIS students receive?
  • Are you interested in working in a particular type of library (e.g., public or special library)? If so, what type? Are you interested in working outside a traditional library setting? If so, where?
  • What suggestions do you have for strengthening the GSLIS program?

Cape George Potluck Invitation!

Who: Students, Faculty, Staff, Visiting Committee, Alumni, and family members, or friends of the above.

What: Celebratory Potluck Picnic, Honoring new Graduates, Retiring Faculty, Father's Day, Beginning of Summer, Life!

When: Sunday, June 16, 1996 from 11am to 4pm

Where: Cape George Colony Club's Beach Clubhouse (on Discovery Bay, Port Townsend area). The clubhouse is at the end of Marina Drive. Driving directions will be posted on Peter's home page by May 10. Check there also for this invitation and any later additional information. ALISS will be arranging for carpools and ferry discounts, please contact an ALISS member or write aliss@u.

Hosts: Peter and Linda Hiatt
Richmond Beach 206-542-3779
Cape George Colony 360-385-0137

Attire: Casual for beachwalking, picnicking, games. Shirts at mealtime, please.

  • 11am to 1pm Pre-Potluck activities: Setting up, socializing, exploring, games, beach walk.
  • 11:30am to 1pm Beach Walk & Talk by a Staff Member from the Port Townsend Marine Science Center on shoreline ecology, flora and fauna. (Port Townsend tide will be -1.5 at 10:52am). All ages welcome. Cape George Colony has over a mile of rocky gravel & sand beach.
  • 1pm to 2 or 2:30pm Spread food in clubhouse, buffet line, table socializing, (there will be tables inside and outside for eating; bad weather will not cancel). The clubhouse is wheelchair accessible, has a large catering kitchen with several ovens (regular and microwave) for reheating, & a refrigerator. At meal's end, there will be a period inside by the piano and organ for Words (of introduction, appreciation, congratulations) and Silliness. Anyone wishing to speak or provide entertainment needs prior approval from Peter " I don't belive in censorship" Hiatt.
  • After Meal until 4pm Post-potluck activities: Socializing, Exploring, Games, and Open House at the Hiatt's small cottage. Cake and coffee will be served there to all who can make it up the hill to the cottage on their own two feet after our meal (about a ten minute amble). Parking is limited. Directions will be posted in the clubhouse.
Games: There is a horseshoe pit area with shoes. There are lawn areas for volleyball or croquet; anyone who could provide equipment, please notify Linda Hiatt at 542-3779. Pets: Well behaved pets are welcome; however, they must be restrained at all times, on a leash, in a crate or exercise pen, or staked out (chasing deer and shorebirds is not permitted). Please provide for their comfort, as they are not allowed in the clubhouse, and there is not much shade in the area we will be using. And of course, please clean up after them. Provided: Tables and chairs (outside: picnic tables and benches), paper plates,napkins, paper drink cups, coffee, and an assortment of regular and diet soft drinks. Please feel free to BYOB of wine or beer. ALISS will be supplying a bit of beer/wine feel free to bring your favorite brands. Bring:
  • Directions and a road map.
  • Your potluck dish: pre-dinner nibbles, hot dish or casserole, cold salads, breads, relishes or condiments, dessert.
  • Serving utensil for your dish.
  • Eating utensils for all in your party (knives, forks, spoons)'
  • Lawn or chaise lounge chairs, if you want.
Donations: If you cannot easily transport a potluck dish, or it's inconvenient for you, feel free to make a $4. per person donation (by June 1) in lieu of a potluck dish to Linda who will supply extra food. (NOTE: ALISS will be providing food/drink for students hot dogs, hamburgers, veggie options though students are welcome to bring a side dish if they want. There is NO DONATION for students) RSVP: Linda needs a head count by June 1 for supplies and arrangements. Call her at 542- 3779, or, preferably for those on campus, sign up on a Potluck Sheet in the school office. Copies of the driving directions will be with this sign-up sheet by May 10th. Hope to see you all there!!
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