Letter from the editors

Welcome to the June issue of The Silverfish! This month we've brought you a variety of stories to tide you through finals week and beyond. We have book reviews and conference reviews and lions and tigers and bears, oh my! More specifically, we have everything from an attendee's view of the WLA conference to advice on giving books as gifts. Jenine Lillian brings us a note on her "books and boys" workshop, while one of your editors discusses the merits of carsharing. The MSIM program brings you a snapshot of the "iDawg knowledge base," the latest hot technology to come out of the iSchool. And finally, we have the very last "From the Kommisar's Desk." It's the end of an era, folks.

We are also exceptionally pleased to bring you a very special feature - an interview with the outgoing President of ALA, conducted by our own Michael Woods. In this interview, we learn what Carol Brey-Casiano thinks about her time in the ALA and what new librarians can contribute to the field. In our editorials this issue, we look both inward and outward, presenting views on the iSchool and on the profession of librarianship in general.

Finally, this is our last issue as the editors of The Silverfish, as we are both graduating. We have greatly enjoyed our time writing and editing here. We've worked hard to bring you quality, enjoyable issues this year, and we are proud of what we've achieved with our great staff of writers and our wonderful Web editor, Carmine Rau. In our first issue last fall, we wrote about the continuity of The Silverfish for well over twenty years. We are pleased to have contributed to and furthered this long-standing student paper this year. And to the greater iSchool community, thank you for your emails, comments and contributions this year.

Jeanne Doherty will be taking the reins next year as Senior Editor, with Joanna Burgess as Web editor. They already have lots of ideas, and we are sure that they will do a fabulous job, making The Silverfish better than ever.

Whether you are graduating or continuing on in the iSchool, good luck wherever you end up, and thank you for reading!

-Phoebe Ayers & John Glover
Silverfish Co-Editors
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June 2005
Vol. IX Issue XII
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