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Welcome to the February 2005 issue of the Silverfish! This month we bring you a packed issue, with student perspectives and stories ranging from an account of Anne Turner's experiences working with IBEC to Samantha Starmer's reflections on the value and future of iCareer week. Liz Parks reports in on the AHA conference, while Michael Wood interviews Dr. Jerry Baldasty on the value of professional conferences. John Glover sticks up for the core classes in this issue (you saw it here first!), while Tom Dobrowolsky reports in on some very important research. We once again spotlight international information issues, Jenine Lillian brings us a booklist focused on all the things we love, and we review the Oscar-nominated Finding Neverland.

And then we come to Valentine's Day, a bright spot in a gray month. We do have a few Valentine's Day features , including Jeanne Doherty's article on the tendency of romantic stories to end badly, and her compiled list of special (but not too pricey) restaurants for a nice evening out. Continuing with romances, Sarah Evans reflects on teenage romance novels and their expectations for their readers. We also have a satirical Blast from the Past from February nineteen years ago that is still funny (and relevant) today.

Thinking about Valentine's Day this year, your editors were amazed by how many connections we could find between librarians (and information of all stripes) and love. We know of several librarian couples (including several working on the UW campus) - does the profession inspire mutual admiration? (And was "I'll develop your collection" ever whispered in courtship?) As for the artifacts of love, online personals, romances, erotica and published love letters are all parts of the information universe, of course, and thus part of the information professional's domain. While we will leave it to you to find the two excellent essays "Sex in the Stacks: Librarian Porn Novel Reviews," by Candi Strecker and "In the Stacks and in the Sack: An Undercover Look at Librarians and Erotica" by Cindy Indiana yourself, it seems clear that librarians have come up for their share of portrayals in romance novels as both stuffy and naughty. Jen Wolfe, an iSchool grad, features many of these novels on her "Miscellaneous Librariana" page. Why is there this ongoing fascination with the romantic nature of the members of what is essentially an intellectual (and often thought of as rather dry) profession? Is it the historically female nature of the field? Is it just that knowledge and how to find it really is that sexy? Do, say, accountants have the same range of portrayals and Harlequin appearances?

We don't have a good answer, of course, but one of our favorite librarian in love scenes (and, in general, librarian movie) is the by now oft-quoted and clichéd Desk Set. Katherine Hepburn's character melts only when she realizes her job isn't being cut, but Spencer Tracy falls rapidly into being charmed by this smart, dryly funny librarian. One suggestion for a winter quarter that never seems to end is (after you finish reading this issue, of course) to curl up with a hot beverage and some of Ms. Hepburn's movies. She made it all look easy.

Enjoy the issue, and good luck with the rest of the shortest month

-Phoebe Ayers & John Glover
Silverfish Co-Editors
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