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The AVE & The HUB in a Nutshell
By Amanda Hirst
October 1, 2002

Proper nourishment is essential for peak brain function. If you notice that your synapses are firing a little slower than usual, you may want to head to the Ave (University Way) or the HUB (Husky Union Building) for sustenance. No matter which dietary school of thought you prescribe to -- fatty fast foods to health foods, herbal to caffeinated or even bubble tea (which has its own food group), or anything in between -- there is something to please your palate, calm your cravings and psyche-up your synapses in the HUB or on the Ave.

Let me break it down for you:

The HUB:
The above link provides detailed information about the food choices in the HUB and the all-important hours of operation.

The HUB is a great choice for noshing since it provides many choices in a concentrated space. Best of all, it's a stone's throw from both our beloved Mary Gates Hall and from the much maligned EE Building. It is possible to run over to the HUB in between classes or on a break and pick up something quick as long as it is not a sandwich from Subway. Yes, there are two lines and both seem to move at glacial speeds! Aside from sandwiches, the HUB offers Mexican, Asian, Italian, and basic American (?) style foods. Wasn't it the British who invented the sandwich?

Having sampled most of the food there, I have to say………..edible, acceptable, and mostly fine. Moving on…there are also some other perks to visiting the HUB -- like the bowling alley, arcade games, a gallery, a branch of the University Bookstore (no textbooks, darn!), a T.V. room, and general mingling with your fellow students. Be aware that most of the food establishments close at 3 p.m. with the exception of Subway (8 p.m.), Pagliacci's Pizza (9 p.m.), and Etc. (9 p.m.)

The Ave:

In the spirit of fun and research, I ventured up and down the Ave, which is quite a bit more eclectic and much less polished than the HUB, especially during this period of construction. The food and shopping venues run the gamut, like sport's bars with hot wings, food from the Himalayas or the elusive Bubble Tea (not just a taste, but a total body experience)!

The Ave has a life force all its own. The quality of the food ranges from adequate to inspired, and is worth checking out if you have an extended break between classes. A few notable restaurants are Big Time Brewery & Alehouse (love the vegetarian nachos!), Honeybee's Café (grilled sandwiches and fries), and Thai-Ger Room. These places are heavily patronized during the lunch hour, so be sure to have some time on your hands. For those of you who prefer a two-martini lunch, most restaurants on the Ave serve alcohol, but you may have to substitute beer for the gin and vermouth. An Ave 'must' is to drop by any of the cafes and bakeries for a little pick-me-up, especially to recover from all that beer you drank for lunch!

Shopping the Ave is always interesting. New businesses are replacing old with a few long-time favorites rounding out the mix. You'll find plenty o' bookstores and newsstands, and most notably the Sir Plus Army Navy store and Gargoyles Statuary. If camouflage pants and gothic statues aren't on your shopping list, add them. It's what I'm buying everyone for Christmas.

So eat, drink, and be merry -- you deserve it! After all, graduate school is tough. You might as well be satiated and cheerful.

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