Letter from the editors

Ah, the end of Fall quarter. The last week or two invariably seems like the most stressful part of the school year. There are the usual papers and projects to finish up, and there is the added stress and distraction near the end of the quarter of the holidays. For those beginning a program, everything is still new and overwhelming, while for those ending a program, the shock of being already half-way through the year is setting in.

There is a winter break, however, and it is coming soon. And as a reward for making it this far, the Silverfish has brought you The Comics Issue. Webcomics, manga, local fans, comics in libraries and above all libraries and librarians in comics - we would like to introduce you to one of the most singular genres of our time. Whether you come as an already-appreciative fan, a skeptic, or a novice to the world of comics, we hope that you'll find the stories in this special issue entertaining and enlightening. Of course, much more remains to be said than we can fit in this short section, but we hope to whet your appetite with a sampling of both the comics out there and the discussions surrounding them. There are few genres in libraries that have aroused so much collection development controversy as comics; there are few formats that can be so wide-ranging and expressive.

There are also other features this issue for your enjoyment - including another installment discussing international library issues, a short piece on presenting a poster, and John's editorial about theory versus practice, where he argues for more experience on the ground in addition to reading in the classroom for students in the MLIS program. This is just one of the ideas that we've spent time thinking about and talking about with our peers this year. Looking back on this quarter, we are excited about where we've been with the Silverfish, and with the topics that we've discussed in the editorials section - from networking in practice, to where the school is going now, to the practical ins and outs of the MLIS program. We also continue to look back on where the school has been - this time with a Blast from the Past that is reminiscent of our own Kommisar's style. In our next two quarters as Silverfish editors, we would like to continue this conversation about the iSchool and our professional lives, and we welcome as always your contributions, comments and letters. And finally, happy Winter break! You deserve it.


Phoebe Ayers & John Glover
Silverfish Co-Editors
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December 2004
Vol. IX Issue II
News From ALISS
Features Biblioteca A continuing series about international information issues. *Comics* Articles Comics in libraries An interview with a comics dealer
Batgirl Librarian and Super-hero
Introduction to Manga Know your Manga from your Anime
Unshelved Uncovered An interview with Bill and Gene
Women in Spandex A Feminist Defense
Staff Picks What we are reading
Opinion i-Files Presenting posters at conferences
From the Komissar's desk... The Komissar lets loose academic comics
Editorial Pardon me, but would you like some practice with your theory?
Entertainment iFunny Comics of our iLives Judging a Book by its Cover dedicated to novels and non-fiction that star cartoonists and involve comics Blast from the Past Choice selections from the Silverfish Archives
Reviews iRead Graphic novel reviews
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