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Blast from the Past


This month's blast comes from the May 1992 issue of The Sojourner.

A few thoughts came to my mind when I stumbled upon the column Chronic Halitosis & The Art of Tongue Brushing: A Preliminary Report on Radical Oral Hygiene. First: that famous picture of Einstein - how could one of the world's greatest minds look so silly? Second: was Rodney - the author of the column, in the wrong program? The UW has a fantastic dental school - maybe he's there now. Finally: Does the admissions committee make sure there is a wildly interesting person in every cohort?

Maybe Rodney is just one in a long string of "unique" MLIS students that continues to this day currently embodied by our own Reverend Tom Dobrowolsky. Perhaps the "agent" isn't as free as he thinks but is governed by UW MLIS destiny.

"Act 1" is not for the queasy. I am not a big fan of the saying "too much information" but I think it might apply here. This goes on for 3 pages by-the-way. The majority of the column uncovers Rodney's research into what amounts to LIS student tongue brushing behavior. I assume tongue brushing is the "Radical Oral Hygiene". However, I recall my childhood dentists telling me that I should indulge my tongue with occasionally scrubs - so I don't think the practice is very radical. Is follow-up research warranted? Contact me for the original work if you're interested. I have a feeling this one didn't make it to a peer reviewed on-line journal.


-- Mark Bardsley


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