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March/April 1998


Spring Book Sale

SPRING BOOKSALE APRIL 9-10 The ALISS Spring Book Sale is coming Thursday and Friday, April 9-10, in the alcove of By George. Proceeds from the sale help pay for convocation, conference scholarships, snacks, and parties.

This is a chance for you to unload your bookshelves. Donations can be put in the collection boxes located in SUZ 127, the GSLIS Office, and the Student Lounge. If you have A LOT of books, or know of someone who would like to donate but cannot bring the books to campus, a pickup can be arranged.

Contact David Wright at Volunteers will be needed for a sorting party (Wednesday, April 8) and for the sale, so keep your calendars free.

Contact Laura Tanji at if you'd like to volunteer. For more information about the sale, please contact me at

Melissa Riesland, ALISS Secretary

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GSLIS Lab is Hiring

GSLIS Lab is Hiring!! The GSLIS Computer Lab is now hiring student helpers for the Spring Quarter. Duties include assisting users with basic computing skills, searching the Internet and various on-line vendors such as, Dialog, Datastar, Lexis-Nexis, etc.

Qualifications: GSLIS major standing; previous computer experience. Salary: $7.00/hour

All positions are part-time up to 19.5 hours a week. Applications are available at the GSLIS Office and the Computer Lab. If you have any questions please contact:

Scott Schramke (, 543-2869 or
Judith Nyman-Schaaf (, 543-1794

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Letter From the President


I'm sooooo glad the quarter is almost over (and if I were done with all my LIS 530 homework, I'd be in rapture). First of all, congratulations to everyone who's graduating this quarter! You've worked hard and now it's time to kick back and savor the triumph. (Or start job-hunting for real.)

As you may have heard via the rumor mill (or by assiduously checking uwash.gslis on a daily basis), there's been quite a lot going on around GSLIS this quarter.

Now that the quarter is racing to a close, we can all take a deep breath and veg ... a little bit, anyway! When we get back Spring Quarter, we'll be voting on the ALISS constitution revision (see elsewhere in this issue and on the website), having the Spring Book sale, getting resume workshops and other job/career events scheduled, and preparing for Convocation.

If you plan to participate in Convocation, your input is needed NOW. Yes, it does seem way toooooooo soon to be thinking about it, but the **room** has been reserved for 2 years! The "basic template" is already set (HUB West Ballroom, Husky Catering -- e.g., cake, coffee, veggies, punch; one guest speaker -- probably Deborah Jacobs, new SPL head unless other nominations are forthcoming; cost -- graduates free, everybody else $5 each). Could we have something different? Probably -- but it will require

  1. some ideas,
  2. some bodies/volunteers,
  3. probably some changes in the pricing,
  4. INTEREST from the folks who are most immediately affected.

If this isn't what you had in mind, YOU NEED TO LET US KNOW NOW (and be specific!). Also be prepared to be asked if you're willing to put in some time/energy to have something different!


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New: Evening Degree Liaison

Brian DeBroux (bdebroux@u) is our first ALISS Evening Degree Liaison. This position represents and advocates for the interests of GSLIS Evening Degree students, including (but not limited to): the scheduling of courses to be offered outside day hours; class times; lab hours; availability of required materials and resources; program equability between day/evening. The Evening Degree Liaison will be the official channel of communication between evening students and GSLIS administration, ALISS, and/or other organizations.

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Early Warning: ALISS & ASIS Elections

Interested in student government or liaison/committee opportunities? Next quarter, both ALISS and ASIS will hold their elections.

Background: While ASIS elections have always been held Spring Quarter, over the past five years ALISS elections have been held in the Fall. There are good reasons for holding elections in either quarter:

Both ALISS and ASIS officers will be happy to discuss their offices and job duties with you if you're interested. As you may have noticed, much of the activity around GSLIS is generated by the student organizations, including fieldtrips, conference participation/scholarships, workshops (resumes, business cards, etc.), and social activities.

Be a part of making it happen -- you're needed and welcome!

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Edited by Brian A. Bannon (last updated 3/13/98)
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