Aidan Gold’s Resume

Aidan Gold has been composing music for 8 years, beginning in 2011 at the age of 13. He began studying composition with Eric Flesher at the Academy of Music Northwest between 2012 and 2014.  Aidan went to the University of Washington directly following Junior High School via the Early Entrance Program at the Robinson Center, and studied composition there with Huck Hodge. In 2019, Aidan graduated summa cum laude from the UW with a Bachelor of Music in Composition and a  Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. He currently studies with Frank Ticheli at the USC Thornton School of Music, and is pursuing a Master of Music in Composition there.

Aidan Gold’s music is widely varied, but focuses especially on unique textures and evocative soundscapes. He has written for a large variety of ensembles including string quartet, wind ensemble, chamber orchestra, full orchestra, woodwind trio, piano trio, percussion ensemble, electronics, and various solo instruments. Some of Aidan’s pieces include: Parting Memory, a piece for Violin, Trumpet, 2 Percussion, and Electronics that made use of Trimpin’s sound installation at the Grand Lobby in Benaroya Hall, and explores the idea of the musicians as characters in a story; A Luminous Fog of Voices, a piece for Wind Ensemble in which the boundary between harmony and timbre is blurred through chords created out of a fog of clusters solely through crossfading dynamics; The Paradox of Stillness, a piece that explores stillness and repetition through a process-based accumulation of repeated patterns; and The Task of the Translator, a spatial piece where three musicians on three different families of instruments surround the audience and play ‘translated’ versions of the same music, highlighting the different nature of each instrument. Aidan participated in the Seattle Symphony Young Composers Workshop in 2014, 2015, and 2016, each year writing a piece that was performed by Symphony musicians at the annual concert. Aidan also won 2nd place in the Seattle Symphony’s 2017 Celebrate Asia Composition Competition, and as a result the Seattle Symphony read his piece Ladakhi Call  at a rehearsal in May 2017. Aidan’s String Quartet Wandering Worlds has also been performed by the University of Washington Corda Quartet. Aidan has also participated in the Cornish College Composer’s Intensive program, and won the “Composition Prize” for the Bellevue Youth Symphony Concerto Competition, where he performed his own Percussion Concerto.

In addition to composition, Aidan studied percussion with Bonnie Whiting at the University of Washington and performed with many ensembles in the area. He has performed with the UW Orchestra, the UW Wind Ensemble, the UW Percussion Ensemble, the UW Modern Ensemble, the Northwest Mahler Festival Orchestra, Seattle Metropolitan Chamber Orchestra, the Northwest Symphony Orchestra, and the Seattle Youth Symphony. Aidan also was the Percussion Coach for the young percussionists in the Bellevue Youth Symphony. He also enjoys conducting, and has studied conducting for 2 years at the Academy of Music Northwest with Julia Tai, and 2 years at the UW with Timothy Salzman.

Aidan’s non-musical interests include Computer Science, Origami, and Orienteering. He also often hikes and climbs in mountains around the world with his family, including a 3-month trip in Austria and India. This trip served as the inspiration for his piece Ladakhi Call, based on the music and landscape of Ladakh, an arid Himalayan region in North India where he and his family hiked during the summer of 2015.